The Surface Phone and Its Bittersweet Effect on the Surface Line

The Surface line of devices has been one of the most unexpectedly successful product lines created. No one was expecting the bomb Microsoft dropped on the market when the first Surface hybrid came out. Since then, a lot of different Surface gadgets have come out, directed towards various corners of the electronics market. Whether we’re talking about business, education or plain old entertainment, the Surface devices have been everywhere.

One of Microsoft’s latest announcements is the Microsoft Surface Pro 5, but people seem to care far more about a rumor than a real thing. While they have Microsoft’s confirmation about the existence and development of the Surface Pro 5, the Windows maker’s users and fans seem to be enticed by the idea of a Surface Phone.

We all know what fate befell Microsoft’s last endeavors in the smartphone market with its Lumia phones, but many were hoping that under the shining brand name of Surface, Microsoft could be reborn as a smartphone manufacturer. The thing is however, the Surface Phone has never been announced. There are some rumors but nothing official about anything as little as the official existence of the device has surfaced. For all we know, there might not even be a Surface Phone in the works. But since Microsoft has done nothing to encourage or dispel these rumors, many believe that it means they are just biding their time.

What would it feature?

This is a question as vague as the information about the device itself. No one really knows what a Surface Phone would look like. Sure, it has the Surface name, but does that mean it will be a smartphone hybrid? It’s already a mini tablet and it’s hard to believe it will transform into a laptop. However, the device might still feature a Surface-like transition from mobile device to

However, the device might still feature a Surface-like transition from mobile device to fully fledged computer. Tech manufacturers have already come out with neat little gadgets that allow a user to connect their phone to a keyboard and monitor, making them into small desktops, basically. The new Surface Phone might follow that sort of pattern but on a broader scale.

When does it come out?

Since it wasn’t even officially announced, and there is no actual proof of its existence, a  release date cannot be set, not even a theoretical one. Any release date speculation, for now, is just a wild guess and nothing more. However it is worth noting that if the Surface Phone is indeed real and in the works, it would be in Microsoft’s best interest to see it on shelves before all the free hype and promotion wears off. This means that it might still be a while, but at the same time it might be sooner than any of us think.

  1. Just a heads up here, but the Surface Pro 5 mentioned in the article had better already exist since I am typing this from one 🙂 It got released a few months back as the new Surface Pro, which was very Apple of the if I do say so myself. If you wanted to talk about the true bitter sweet effect of the Surface Phones absence, which sadly the article really doesn’t, you should bring up the obvious hole it leaves in Microsoft’s strategy. My phone is the computer I use the most, so having it merge seamlessly with my other devices is the only way to really complete Microsoft’s vision for Windows 10. In working only with other platforms however, we get the awful mixed bag or results that is Android, or the locked down system the is iOS. Personally it just makes me wonder a little more every year why I haven’t yet switched to all Apple hardware where that unified device vision has already been largely realized, then just throw Parallels on a Mac to get the best of all worlds.

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