The Sims 5: Will it be Released in 2019 As Predicted?

The Sims 5: The difficulty with a typical life simulation game is that it can evoke mixed responses from gamers. Some may like it very much while others could find it boring. Unfortunately, The Sims series has had to go through some tough times in the earlier years, due to bugs and other issues. But EA Maxis, the developers and the publishers Electronic Arts, have been able to regain a lot of ground with the last edition, The Sims 4. This has kindled more interest in the game now and going by the release trends of the previous updates, the prediction among the observers for quite some time has been that The Sims 5 is due in 2019. There is, as yet, no official communication from Electronic Arts on when exactly they plan to release The Sims 5. But the rumors and predictions are all over.

The Sims 5 Will Bring in More Gameplay Improvements

It has to be said the first three iterations of the game posed a number of problems to the players since they had to spend substantial time and energy making the living spaces for the Sims they chose with the building tools provided, before going on with the main theme and play the game. Though much of these have been addressed in The Sims 4, the current prediction is that the accommodation area in the game may see a drastic change in The Sims 5. It should be easy for the players to pick the options in the game and find a place for the Sims to live. This will enable them to get into the life simulation activities making the Sims family go out and do various activities.

Expectations Galore from The Sims Playing Community

Even as the fans of this game await the announcement of The Sims 5 and hope to see it available on their consoles or other platforms that they play the game in, by early 2020, the main stakeholders have not let anything out officially or even unofficially. It’s left to the market rumors to take over and make endless predictions. But in the case of The Sims 5, there have been many regular players who have expressed themselves and asked for a number of improvements to be introduced in the game.

It needs to be told that both the developer of The Sims game and the publisher have acknowledged openly that they would want to work on The Sims 5 only after they see success on The Sims 4. No doubt, the game is popular and gamers want to play more, but there are some suggestions the developer has to heed, to make the game more immersive. These can be summed up as below:

  1. Bring Back the Free Mobility: The change that those playing The Sims 4 did not like in it as opposed to The Sims 3 and the earlier versions was that the Sims could move about freely within the large neighborhood that they find themselves in. Those niceties have been unfortunately done away within The Sims 4 and replaced by a kind of ‘permission-taking’ every time any Sims family member had to move from one place to another. They would love to have the older scenario of free mobility brought back into the game.
  2. Bring in A Little More Excitement in the Neighborhood: As mentioned earlier, the game has had tools to build a living space and create a nice neighborhood for the Sims to live in. This is available within the gameplay. Some improvements were needed which The Sims 4 brought. But at one level, the changes from previous versions to The Sims 4 appear to have been overdone. The result is the player of the game hardly has any say in how the neighborhood, the landscape and other settings are created. This is being offered as a done deal leaving nothing for the player to choose or do. The consensus among the players seems to review this aspect in its entirety and offer an attractive gameplay, where once the house is built, the player can quickly choose and put a variety of stuff, like plants and the lawn and so on moved in so that it appears a good place to live in for the Sims.
  3. Review the Age-Group Mix: This has been one of the issues with The Sims game. Players would like a more diverse choice with regard to the ages of the Sims characters for them to choose from. Some players ask why not pre-teens? And there will surely be others to ask for a different choice. It is better The Sims 5 development team at EA Maxis does some kind of a brainstorming session on this and come up with a better option within The Sims 5. They may want to directly hear from the fans on what their suggestions are and then add the missing age-group Sims in The Sims 5.
  4. Add More Grooming Choices: Young girls will always be fond of dressing up the characters whether it is the physical toy they play with or the virtual Sims in the game. Some players have expressed that the variety of clothes and hairstyles to make up their favorite Sims can be expanded and at least in The Sims 5, one gets to play with such changes being incorporated in the tools for these functions.
  5. Expand the Professional Profiles: If EA Maxis were to listen to some feedback from players of their Sims game, they will consider introducing a whole new host of professions in the Sims for the players to make their characters into; these can be doctors, police officers, persons working in fast food joints and so on. The list could be endless, but it does offer the developers some new ideas.

Games are developed with a lot of inputs. Imaginative gameplay situations are created and at every turn, the game must be interesting. It need not be very easy to move up levels but not so difficult that the gamers become frustrated and stop playing it. The changes contemplated at EA Maxis for The Sims 5, over the previous versions will receive a big boost when good suggestions, as above, are offered.

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