The Sims 5: No 2019 launch; Depends on the Success of Sims 4

2019 doesn’t seem like the year for the launch of Sims 5. There is a certain suspicion circling its launch as official reports suggest that it will entirely depend on the success of The Sims 4.

Twenty new additions to Sims 4

Although disappointing, this information doesn’t come as a shock as the fandom had no hopes for a 2019 launch to start with. The Electronics Art (EA) E3 2019 did not feature Sims 5 which was concrete evidence backing up the edition’s no-show this year. But, the EA gifted us with Sims 4’s latest DLC titled “Island Living” instead.

The DLC features playable mermaids, diving, boats, etc., The EA’s Q3 FY 2019 report promised to present the players with at least 20 new content drops and expansion packs to the fourth edition across PC, mobile and console. Hence, the Island Living DLC’s launch too failed to amaze the player base. We are yet to receive news regarding these additions from Sims official develops or the publishers.

The sims 5

Uncertainty surrounds Sims 5’s fate

To top it all, it looks like Sims 5’s fate depends on the level of success that Sims 4 manages to achieve. It would be safe to bid Sims 5 adieu if Sims 4 doesn’t garner as much love and victory.

Fans have a lot riding on Sims 5. It remains to be seen if the edition will materialize their expectations of the pen world, more transport options, etc. The predecessor – Sims 3, had a lot of amazing features where the Sims could roam anywhere on the map and treat themselves to the vision of their picturesque neighborhood, etc., The fans are also hoping that a few features from the second edition, like constructing houses from the ground up, would resurface in Sims 5.

It remains to be seen if these exciting features will make their way into Sims 5. But most importantly, it remains to be seen if there will ever be a Sims 5, given the cloud of doubt circling its launch.

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