The Sims 5 may not be releasing in 2019 after all, but there are updates on Season 4

Popular video gaming giant EA has released their E3 list of games that will be released in 2019, and fans of the famous game ‘The Sims’ are disappointed to see that there won’t be a season 5 releasing this year. As of now, there is no sight of a season 5 coming anytime soon. Instead, EA released The Sims 4: Island living expansion with mermaids and dolphins. The latest expansion has brought with it over 20 new content drops which are available across mobiles, gaming consoles, as well as PC.

While this news has been a disappointment to a lot of fans, it didn’t come as much of a surprise. Only a few days after Sims 4 was released, its executive producer released a statement on the official online Sims forum. He confirmed that they are not working on Sims 5. And, if the Sims 4 is not successful, there won’t be a Sims 5. Intriguingly enough, the statement was removed later.

From a business perspective, it all made absolute sense. After all, that’s how every gaming sequel ever released has been developed – depending on the performance of its predecessor. Besides, it’s not as if Sims 4 is done with releasing new content yet; the latest Island Living expansion is proof of that. So far the new expansion is being well received by Sims Fans everywhere. Therefore the developers are going to sit on it for as long as it can be steadily monetized, and will probably drop out more content in Sims 4 itself before they finally release a season 5.

What Sims fans want

The Sims gaming series has been widely accepted by fans across the globe, who have remained loyal to the game. Each and every season of The Sims has been more and more widely anticipated, and fans were gravely disappointed when the game’s season 5 didn’t seem to be on EA’s agenda for 2019. Through various online forums and blogs, fans have demanded that the next season should be built on season 3, where the players could easily roam around in the ‘Open World’ mode.

Another major request that a lot of fans have made for the next season is that the game should have better transport and construction options, along with a penstock. Users who play the game in mods have been using drivable cars in the game for a while now, and their increasing popularity has led to the rise of the demand for drivable cars in the real version as well. While that extension seems a little too complicated to be inculcated in season 4 as of now, users can expect it to be possible in season 5.

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