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The Sims 5: Gamers Still Left Wondering What the Gameplay May Bring

The Sims 5: It may be too much to say the gamers are frustrated with EA for not disclosing the launch schedule for the Sims 5 game. The expectations were that being the 5th year after the release of Sims 4, 2019 is the when the new version should be out. The company has followed the 4-5-year routine right from the game’s first version starting in the year 2000. But whether it is 2019 or 2020, which looks increasingly the more likely, the interest among the gamers is always on what new things they can look for and which ones will remain just wishes.

The Mode or Platform

The Sims game has remained a game with a single player mode. This means the kind of excitement players get of competing with peers online is sorely missed by them. So, if gamers were told to choose the changes or improvements they would want to see, then the online play mode will definitely figure among the top ones. And more critically, will the Sims 5 be allowed to play on your mobile phones? This too would be a top wish from the gamers. Don’t be surprised if EA does include a mobile phone enabled Sims 5 version as and when it is released. The smartphones have moved towards the future and are fully ready for the transition. But there is no indication so far that EA has any plans of this nature. It may permit you to play the game irrespective of the gaming console you own.

There’s the Focus on the Characters

The Sims franchise is a roleplaying game and many players of the game try and look for characters that resemble them in real life while others may want to see the opposite, what they are not or what they want to see in the people around them. But the general complaint is some sections of typical real-life families like babies are missed in Sims 4. Will the developers make such changes in Sims 5 and add more spice by allowing the characters a little more freedom? It is difficult to make the prediction now, but definitely, EA would have people following the different forums and would want to make changes that the customers desire. It will ensure the interest in the game is maintained and can result in better sales of the game as well.

  1. I want the sims 5 to have it on websites. It would be cool if you could play sims on a website like, or or something like that. I wanna play online in safari and Google and Firefox etc etc etc, but a free sims 5 would be VERY delighted. It’s a gamers dream. And I want them to make the sims computers to be realistic and have technical difficulties. And when the sims do something like take a bath, shower, or go on toilet, we don’t see it and it says, PLEASE STAND BY. They should add sims who make sim memes on their computer.


    1. I personally don’t like the idea of a free-to-play Sims online, they had something similar back a while ago via Facebook and it wasn’t really fun because you needed X amount of friends to do something and there wasn’t much of an immersive game-play experience as you would get owning a PC version of the Sims plus there were micro-transactions involved. I think there might have been mobile/tablet Sim games here and there too and it probably did have the same issues as stated above for the Facebook Sims. Most free-to-play games depend on micro-transactions and I personally prefer the traditional one time purchase plus expansion packs I can buy to enhance game-play.

      I’m probably just an old-fart and have an old way of seeing things, but as someone who’s always purchased the PC Sims franchise I would much prefer the “traditional” way of The Sims. Again, my personal opinion, hope I didn’t offend, just wanted to offer another viewpoint.

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