The Sims 5: Gameplay, Rumors, Release Date and Updates

The 2019 edition of Gamescom and E3 are over yet EA and Maxis haven’t revealed the glimpse or development of the fifth installment of The Sims game series, “The Sims 5.” Given that Maxis is bringing new development with DLCs in The Sims 4, the fans are anxious for the release of The Sims 5.

It’s been quite a long time since EA released a new Sims game. By the looks of it, this is making the fans speculate about the significant upgrades that would come to The Sims 5. The toddlers have become an essential part of The Sims 4 expansion series for a long time now. There is a highly likely chance that The Sims 5 will feature toddlers as an essential segment of the game.

The Sims 5 EA

The parenthood might become an essential feature in The Sims 5

Nourishing a family in real life is not an easy task, and some people also consider this task as a massive milestone. Nevertheless, this is becoming a challenging task for the Sims players in the expansion DLCs, as well. “Parenthood” in the forthcoming installment of the Sims would require the players to nutrify their Sims children as they bloom into teenagers over time.

As far as the official announcements are concerned, EA and Maxis haven’t assured the players that they will add “Parenthood” gameplay into the game. Back in 2017, the Parenthood DLC came into being which features toddlers and teenagers. The younger Sims were moody whereas and the teenagers were a little rebellious.

Speculation suggests that EA or Maxim won’t release TS5 with toddler characters as they are always part of distinctive DLCs. Teenagers and toddlers are fun elements in the game. The Sims 4 DLCs have introduced several updates with toddlers and teenagers. Currently, it is hard to say if developers will implement them in The Sims 5.

The Sims 5 will not release in 2019

The eternal Sims fans were expecting that EA or Maxis would release the game by the end of 2019. The reason why fans were waiting for the fifth installment to release in 2019 is that the main installment of Sims takes place once every five years. It also suggests that “The Sims 4” is five years old now as it was released in 2014.

It seems the developers are working to push more content for The Sims 4 before they move onto the fifth installment of The Sims. EA, on the other hand, is yet to release a teaser for The Sims 5. Additionally, fans can expect another DLC to reach The Sims 4 in a few months.

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