The Sims 5: Customer Feedback will Form the Basis for Improvements

The Sims 5: Customer Feedback will Form the Basis for Improvements

The Sims 5: The good old cliché goes ‘Customer is King’, but do all companies follow this belief? Many possibly do, but it may not be visible or they may not be openly claiming or admitting that they changed their product around after listening to their customers’ opinions. In the gaming industry too, there are a few such games. In reality, some games are very popular while others don’t sell that many copies or get played by that many gamers. If you wish to see your game being played by as many people as possible, you need to be constantly improving the gameplay situations, introduce new characters and features and so on. EA and Maxis, the firms behind the popular gaming franchise The Sims, has made it known that it will go largely by the suggestions from its gamer community while working on the eagerly awaited The Sims 5.

Release Date Still Not Clear but Work is On

After a lot of speculation and guesswork on when would The Sims 5 be released, there is no clarity or confirmation on the date or the month. But the general expectation and consensus among those who have invested their time and effort in the game are that 2020 will be the year when one can get to the next Sims sequel. The exact month cannot be indicated now. The teasers and other announcements may keep hitting the online forums through 2019.

Suggested Improvements in The Sims 5

Many areas in the current version of the game which was a huge improvement on the Sims 3 game have been already pointed out. There are two ways the gamers look at the new versions of a game before it is released. One is to remove some of the aspects they have not liked in the current versions. These could be in the form of glitches or am an impractical level that cannot be solved and progressed. The developer company has to correct them and make the game a bug-free one. The other and more interesting way is to make fresh suggestions. These may be in the form of new locations, new characters, the kind of costumes they wear and so on.

In the Sims 5, aspects like a better way of building a house for the Sims to live in, allowing for freer mobility for the members of the family and the physical appearance like the hairstyle etc are to be allowed to be changed as part of gameplay.

EA may do these things in the Sims 5.

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