The Sims 4 to Initiate Gender-neutral Bathrooms in Pride Update

EA declared the specifics of fresh Pride content to be broadcasted in The Sims 4 from this month. The video game company revealed new Pride content that would be available in-game as a segment of a partnership with the It Gets Better Project, speaking at the EA Play event. The Pride content will hit the deck from June 18 on The Sims 4 on PC, The Sims FreePlay and The Sims Mobile, and will be handy on console versions of the game in July.

Gamers will be able to access exclusive It Gets Better and Pride in-game apparel as well as an array of Pride articles, along with a gender-neutral bathroom door. The It Gets Better Project is a nonprofit organization focused on LGBT and youth, collectively. It is still unclear if the articles will be applicable for purchase or are a component of a complimentary update.

Social media has flared up with the excitement on the news, with one user stating: “Just found out @TheSims are releasing new LGTB+ and pride stuff! My Sims lives can be complete.” Another user stated, “I swear this game gets better with every expansion. And I really dig that they’re pushing a Pride update.”

Simultaneously, the rest had additional recommendations to make the game more exemplary. A poster mentioned, “Listen @EA I’m glad you’re partnering with It Gets Better for @TheSims 4 Pride stuff but can we please also get to dictate our Sims’ pronouns yet rather than have it be attached to what chest they have? It’s been suggested on the forums multiple times over the years. Thanks.” Players are anticipating the content will widely cover Pride, with one Twitter user stating, “With the pride stuff coming to Sims 4, can we get Ace (asexual) pride stuff as well? As an ace person that would be amazing and be wonderful to have the representation.”

Pride content arrives simultaneously as a new expansion pack

The Pride content was unveiled apace with specifics of a fresh Island Living expansion pack for The Sims 4. Accessible on PC and Mac from June 21, and Xbox One and PlayStation 4 from July 16, the add-on will enable players to transfer their Sims to the tropical island of Sulani.

Sims will be skilled to laze on the beach, relish water-based activities, meet mermaids, be a conservationist, and encounter all of the cultural traditions offered on the island. The game has earlier been upheld for letting players build transgender Sims, and permit their avatars to endure romantic relationships with anybody, no matter the gender.

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