The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff Pack Will Let You Adopt Minimalistic Lifestyle

People who have been busy watching HGTV or following lifestyle YouTube channels may be familiar with the concept of living small. Sims 4 has officially recognized this which is not applicable to big city dwellers because they are forced to live in small apartments whereas there are people who like to reduce their requirement for easy living.

When you live in a really small house in The Sims 4 design, the newly introduced Tiny Living Stuff pack will allow you to complete an entire home with just 100 tiles. The number of tiles indicates how small and easy to maintain this particular home will be. However, it is also quite a challenge because the player has to take care of everything from placing the gas stove, refrigerator to the couch should be accessible by the virtual avatar.

In practice, moving your Sims around a house, hosting parties or handling multiple characters could be really difficult even in a normal-sized home. The Tiny Living Stuff pack seems to be aimed at perfectionists who are really keen on micromanaging every little detail so that they can achieve the best comfort.

Multiple Floors? Roll-out Beds?

You can choose to split your construction according to the Sims 4 trailer that showcases small houses being built with multiple floors. Despite having small rooms, it will be cozy with your living room at the bottom, kitchen right above and a bedroom on the topmost floor with a beautiful view. The new pack also allows lots of customization to be done around the house to keep it looking at its best.

EA and Maxis entertainment, the team behind The Sims 4 have launched a gameplay trailer on Twitter. While it does showcase a character getting hurt by a folded bed in a comical way, it is also designed to ensure fewer bills, easier maintenance, and a cozy living atmosphere. The developers believe this may also lead to great relationships due to the constrained space.

In their official statement, EA wrote, “Living an eco-friendly lifestyle while reducing expenses and yet living large by customizing every last detail is a movement that we like to participate and support through this new stuff pack.”

The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff Pack will be launched on 21st Jan on PC and Mac while console gamers will get it on 4th Feb on Xbox One and PS4.

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