The Sims 4: Ruin the Life of Sims in Island Living DLC

Island Living is the latest expansion for The Sims 4, and it has become an instant hit among the players. If a person, in real-life, likes a tropical gateway, then Island Living is the best expansion. The DLC revolves around a mesmerizing tropical paradise, namely Sulani. The players control their Sims to snorkel and sunbathe. The Sims can also collect seashells.

One of the most crucial additions of the new DLC is that it features mermaid, the mystical creature from legends. The players can also gain access to one of the Conservationist careers during the gameplay. As the DLC revolves around a virtual tropical lifestyle, the Sims can find the buried treasure, sand castles.

There is also a highly likely chance that players can befriend dolphins and communicate with them. These features might sound too much, but they have been curated with EA and Maxis’ unique expertise.

Lose control in the magical world of Island Living

The native non-playable Sims characters are the “children of the Islands”. The Sims 4 beach life with Island Living also features significant elements such as furniture and artwork. The players can also uncover the elemental spirits of the land and sit still until the volcano erupts. FYI, there is also a volcano in Sulani which has not yet erupted since Island Living came into being.

Ruin your Sims life for fun

The Sims also dreams of becoming the ultimate beach bum. And to make this happen, there is a specific challenge that Sims need to complete, “Off the Grid.” The region is not yet developed and that is the reason why the place doesn’t have electricity or water supply. This might be the first-ever DLC in The Sims 4 that features an area that works right against the player.

The Sims series is popular because everything works out for the Sims and, in turn, the players. And this challenge will put a lot of Sims out of their comfort zone. The Sims won’t be able to get food from a cafe neither can they use the bathroom. They have to live for a few days without getting a decent shower.

However, the DLC also features a public bathroom, from a euphemistic perspective. Things are a little better in the purgatory. In supposed purgatory, even everyday maintenance tasks take an enormous amount of time. It is advised not to take the Island Living for granted.

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