The Sims 4 – Modders Having a Field Day with Fabulous Costumes for the Characters

The Sims 4 – Modders Having a Field Day with Fabulous Costumes for the Characters

Players of the popular video game The Sims 4 are being treated to an exciting experience these days voting for the Laundry Day Stuff Pack DLC. The developer studio asked the modders to come up with new themes and outfits for the different characters in the game. The enthusiastic gamers went to town creating 92 different sets under the arts & crafts theme with knitted clothes being the preferred motif. Maxis asked the gamers to vote for the top-15 picks out of these 92. That has itself provided some exciting moments for the gaming crowd.

A Game Within the Game

Now, this activity has been taken to a completely different level with several modders going beyond what Maxis had chosen and started applying costumes on the characters which were outside of the top-15. These are gamers who go by different nicknames on the platform. “Pixelunivairse” and “Pepperoni-Puffin” are modders who started posting those revolutionary ideas and had everyone fully engaged and excited.

The thing about an RPG game like The Sims 4 is that there are characters of different age groups and races in the community. This offers the modders the opportunity to try out various alternatives. If it is a skirt for the female character, it will be pants, a sweater and a cap for the young male character. Jim Bob and his wife Jemma are draped in these creative outfits designed by the modders in the knitwear theme. These concepts went beyond what Maxis had suggested in the first place.

There are kids in The Sims 4 and it gives a lot of pleasure seeing them dressed in colorful outfits and the modders on the game have not missed this opportunity either. This year’s Laundry Day Stuff Pack downloadable content has certainly been one of boundless excitement for gamers. The modders have designed clothes for the kids matching what their parents are wearing. Some have followed the suggestions by Maxis and others outside of it.

A dedicated page called the Missed Opportunities Page has also been created and has more outfits designed by the modders. These designs are also part of the DLC and gamers can download and use them as well.

This whole exercise has led to a situation where before even Maxis can sort out and point to the 15 top-voted outfits, the modders and gamers have been able to try out all 92!

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