The Sims 4: Island Living Review – Optimum Escapism at Its Best

EA and Maxis released The Sims 4 in the year 2014. Over the years, The Sims 4 has received several game packs and expansion from the beginning. Mostly, these contents come out with a single massive feature such as the Vampire system and Strangerville storyline. However, the latest expansion is not about an individual; Island Living is more about a place and its people.

With the new expansion packs, the gamers are taken into a sacred island of Sulani. It features a new terrain, a volcano that can blow up any second and a legendary mystical creature, mermaid. Sulani brings a unique texture along with a conventional Sims-type lifestyle. Island living finally puts an end to the conventional Sims flats. Sulani features in-built landscape, sloped paths and rolling hills, which lead to a gorgeous beach.

Sulani is the ultimate escape from the city life of The Sims

The expansion provides the experience which isn’t found on other upgrades of The Sims 4. The content is extremely concentrated in giving gamers the ultimate tropical gateway that they deserve. The expansion is for the players who want to indulge in the fantasy gaming experience.

So far, the developer, Maxis, has put a lot of effort into creating the ultimate tropical island gateway with an intriguing narrative of the inhabitants of the island. The DLC is extremely impacted by the unpredictable weather and the locals who adore their tradition more than anything. Moreover, the Sims also clean up the pollution they make across the island.

Gamers can create a family of mermaids

There are two ways of evolving into mermaids. The players can create mermaid Sims from scratch, or they can buy the mystical kelp and later transform into the ancient creature of the ocean.

Furthermore, the players can also curate a new family of mermaids if they want. The players are only limited to their creativity. When Sulani gets inflicted with thunderstorms quite often, the mermaids can walk on the land completely unscathed and eat hot dogs in the rain. Mermaids also have mystical power in the game, and they can either make a person flirty or gloomy. As one of the mythical creatures of the ocean, mermaids can also befriend dolphins after interacting with them for more than a day.

Maxis has curated a relaxing and calming version of The Sims 4 DLC. And this might be the reason why most gamers are welcoming the new DLC with open arms.

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