The Sims 4: Island Living Features Better Jobs and Mermaids

When the team behind The Sims 4 tested mermaids in the Island Living expansion, things went berserk. The first mermaid of Island Living was an insanely crazy fish with the face of a man. Even the imagination of the first mermaid would make the gamers puke in the enchanting island of Sulani.

Sources suggest that the producer who created the DLC turned into Merlin, summoned a devastating thunderstorm in a public place. The expansion pack in its infancy showcased uncontrolled mayhem where Sims were also dying after they went into the water. Some Sims even stripped naked and went into an episode of panic.

Sims 4 Panic Episode

How did the expansion turn out to be?

It looks like everything worked out according to the plan and mermaids aren’t chaotic. Moreover, Island Living is the perfect expansion pack which comes with a well-balanced machine which introduces numerous features into the game. And this makes The Sims 4 an impressive game, given that EA and Maxis “might” be working on the fifth installment, The Sims 5.

Even the gameplay of The Sims 4 has become better. The final product, the Island of Sulani, comes with three different islands, an active volcano and several collectables based on themes. The team managed to curate an expansion series which perfectly blends the mundane and supernatural attributes.

Maxis and EA balanced the scale of the DLC

The development team of Island Living was well informed about how they want to curate the new DLC. The team put in their efforts in curating the feeling of realism and escapism which the gamers have fallen in love with. Well, everybody likes a little bit of occult. The leading producer of Island Living, Jill Johnson, is still obsessed with the ancient Nordic myth concerning the mermaids.

Mermaids in the Island Living Expansion

In the Sims series, mermaids are the occult cousins to vampires and both the Sims suck the life out of other Sims in the game. In Living Island, a mermaid can summon storms and dolphins. The players can turn into a mermaid if they purchase a particular skill.

Sims can earn their livelihood with Island Living

Adult sims have access to part-time jobs. They can work two part-time jobs in a day. On the other hand, they can also build up an active social media profile. The sims can also earn if they help out their neighbors without maintaining the 9 to 5 grind as it happens in the real world.

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