The Sims 4 Developers Reveal New Updates, Major News for Console Players

It’s been a great year for The Sims 4 players so far with new updates and packs that were released this year in the simulation world for their avatars. And now, with the end of the year approaching fast, there’s yet another big announcement for the game’s console players. The Sims 4 producers Dave Miotke and Michael Duke just revealed some new information on the community-voted Arts & Crafts stuff pack in this month’s Maxis Monthly stream. The producers gave fans a first look at three new upcoming styles, which will be open to voting for players, come next week. Duke and Miotke further went on to reveal that the game’s gallery update is all set to run on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions.

The Vote for the Next Stuff Pack

For those of you who aren’t aware of it, The Sims 4 community cast their votes in November to pick one favorite theme, as well as one gameplay feature that would come in the next stuff pack. By the time the voting ended, Arts & Crafts and Knitting won by a clear majority. Now that the theme and feature have been confirmed, the producers have left it to the players to decide the style of objects and clothing that will be featured in the stuff pack in yet another round of voting. Miotke and Duke just gave us a sneak peek into the three options that players will have to choose from when the lines for voting open on Monday, December 23.

Sims 4 updates

The Three Styles

The three object and clothing styles open to voting are going to be‘Granny Chic’, ‘Do It Yourself Delight’ and ‘Cozy Craft Workshop’.The producers also revealed the big news that console players had been waiting for -Xbox One and PlayStation -are going to get the gallery update in 2020, which will be cross-platform with the PC/Mac version. This means that Xbox/PS 4 players would finally be able to download household content created by fellow PC/Mac players and vice versa. However, console players will not be getting access to custom content, which isn’t a shocker at all.

Duke said in the Maxis stream that they (Sims developers) want to keep the community together and the same game in both places. Obviously, the lack of gallery feature has hurt that comparison. The developer also said that he’s excited to bring this out in 2020 and that their team has been working round the clock trying to get it ready. He also mentioned that so far it’s looking awesome.

Just last week, The Sims 4 got Baby Yoda alongside a list of bug fixes, a few new music tracks and some fresh hairstyles for children and toddlers in its latest update.

The Sims 4 is available on PC, Mac, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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