The Sims 4 Community Voting Round 2 is now Open-Cast Your Votes Now

2019 is almost going to end and it’s definitely been a roller coaster ride for The Sims 4 community. Throughout the year, The Sims 4 got some major updates, some landmark additions, and even Baby Yoda now! One of the most important events of the year was the open voting by the community in November when players got to pick one favorite theme and one gameplay feature that would come in the next Stuff Pack. That was the first round of voting in which the players picked Arts & Crafts Stuff Pack and then earlier this month in the Monthly Maxis stream, The Sims 4 producers Dave Miotke and Michael Duke gave fans a first look at three new upcoming styles which are now officially open to vote for players.


The Vote for the Next Stuff Pack

Now that the theme and feature had been confirmed to be Arts & Crafts and Knitting, it’s time for players to cast their votes in round two and pick the style of objects and clothing that will be featured in the Stuff Pack. The voting lines opened earlier this week and will remain so until the 3rd of January, 2020.

The Three Styles

The three object and clothing style options available for voters to choose from are ‘Granny Chic’, ‘Do It Yourself Delight’ and ‘Cozy Craft Workshop’. Some sample images have also been released to give layers an idea of what each style may look like. The images, as given below, show what a typical room in The Sims 4 may look like in each of the three styles.

The homely Granny Chic style has quiet a grandmotherly appeal as the name suggests and looks like just what the elder Sims may prefer.

The Cozy Craft Workshop shown above has more of a hipster, workshop vibe.

And lastly, the DIY Delight style has quite a relatively modern touch to it and looks like just the right fit for the millennial hobbyist Sims demographics.

Go Vote!

Users can cast their votes by going to the official survey page from here and the voting lines are open only till January 3rd, 2020. Meanwhile, Duke and Miotke had also announced in the Maxis stream that the game’s gallery update is going to run on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions soon. Moreover, the duo even shared the big news that console players had been waiting for months now. The gallery update of PS4 and Xbox One will finally be cross-platform with the PC/Mac version from 2020. This would allow Xbox/PS 4 players to finally download the households and lots created by PC/Mac players and vice versa, which is something the whole Sims community had been waiting for a long time. Sims 4 also has a Christmas sale going on with expansion packs including Discover University available at 50% off and all the game packs at 25% off for users who are on Origin.

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