The Samsung W2020 5G Will Just Be a 5G Galaxy Fold

The Samsung W2020 5G was a long-awaited foldable phone that was rumored to have a clamshell design with a vertically folding display. The rumors originated from a teaser image that showed an ambiguous design that hinted at it being a folded phone.

However, according to the Wireless Power Consortium which issues wireless charging certification for devices, the Samsung W2020 5G will just be a 5G variant of the Galaxy Fold repackaged for sale in China and Korea.

Is the Samsung W2020 5G a Galaxy Fold?

The Samsung W20series have been flip phones since the original W2013 flip phone. The handsets have historically been expensive flip phones with flagship specifications and touchscreens. If Samsung follows the naming convention, then the W2020 should be a folding phone.

However, according to the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), the Samsung W2020 is called the Galaxy Fold. The Galaxy Fold is a foldable smartphone released by Samsung in 2019 with a book like design instead of the clamshell design that we expect from flip phones.

Galaxy Fold

The Galaxy Fold was priced internationally at 1,980 USD, which is at par with other W series of flip phones from Samsung. This suggests that Samsung is moving away from the clamshell design for its flip phones.

Rumors of the Galaxy Fold Being Licensed by China Telecom

There are rumors that the Galaxy Fold was licensed by China Telecom to be sold as the Samsung W2020 in China. One of the first 5G networks was launched in China recently and it would be a good 5G product aimed at China’s wealthy.

The rumors are partly fueled by the fact that China Telecom is the only one that has teased the Galaxy W20 5G among the 3 major telecom companies in China. The W2020 may just be a rebranded version of the Galaxy Fold with China Telecom as the sole operator.

This doesn’t explain why Samsung would change the model number of the original Galaxy Fold to release the device with China Telecom in China. They may be looking to capitalize on the popularity of the W series of flip phones in China to boost the sales of the Galaxy Fold smartphones which didn’t do well in international markets due to its huge price tag and design issues.

Unlocked Galaxy Fold to Go on Sale in China

Apart from the W2020 5G which is rumored to be released in association with China Telecom, the unlocked version of Galaxy Fold without 5G support is going on sale in China as well. The LTE version of the Galaxy Fold has the model number SM-F9000. It will go on sale starting from November 8 in China.

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