The Samsung Galaxy Watch Combines Class with Sturdiness

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Combines Class with Sturdiness

For quite some time now, Apple led the charge in the battle of the wearables. Apple’s WatchOS became all-conquering since 2016, and it seemed that no other platform rival could introduce something new, stagnating at the same level. That’s when Samsung comes into the picture, independent from the San Diego’s silicon, putting everything they have into their latest product and thus, the race restarted.

Samsung started taking things seriously

The Korean giant has finally said ‘enough’ and from what we could gather by looking at the pre-release models, it started to take greater care at what kind of wearables they let out into the market.

A first thing we notice with the Galaxy Watch is represented by Samsung dropping the ‘Gear’ branding. Then, we can see that the Watch looks really well, combining a classy design with robustness, and apparently, it comes with plenty of battery power as well.


There will be two versions of the Galaxy Watch, one that will come with a 42mm display size and a standard pin-release 20mm strap, and another that will measure 46mm in its display and its pin-release strap will be 22mm.

The Galaxy Watch is powered by the Tizen operating system and Samsung claims that it will have enough juice to keep it running for seven straight days. Another cool thing is the incorporation of an LTE eSIM, so, by linking it to a mobile network, you can leave your phone at home and answer calls from your wrist.

The disadvantage

However, the LTE feature seems to not have impressed the public. Apparently, you have to introduce the same network service that your phone has and you might have difficulties in finding the right provider. It is definitely not a phone replacement.

On a brighter note, it is waterproof and it looks and functions really good.

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