The Samsung Galaxy S10 is Rumored to have a Huge Camera Update

Last month leaks suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S10 may come with 5 (yes you read that right) cameras, with 3 on the back on two on the front of the device.  Today, new leaks reinforce that rumor. If it is true, waiting a bit more for the Galaxy S10 to launch may be worth it in the long run. Continue reading to find the spicy details below.

Published on ET News, a report appears to confirm the camera triumvirate. According to it, the trio will include a 16-megapixel super-wide angle lens, a 13-megapixel telephoto lens ad a 12-megapixel wide area lens in working in combination to offer you the greatest pictures you can take with a smartphone.

Previous claims were made by another source last month when it was indicated that the two cameras rumored to be in the front will be specifically tailored for selfies and live streams.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumors

None of the rumors has been confirmed by Samsung as the S9 is still in the prime sale period and thee are hopes for better sales until the end of the year. The S9 itself was well received but the sales were not up to Samsung’s expectation. The biggest selling points were the Infinity screen, which received high marks from several reviewers for the quality of the build, and its use. The camera manages to capture impressive slow-motion videos and shots.

Many people have thought that it is not a worthy upgrade from a hardware standpoint since besides finally adding a stereo set of speakers and making the fingerprint scanner better there is nothing amazing. The raw power specs were also disappointing since there performance boost from an S8 is hardly perceivable if you don’t play resource-intensive games.

It remains to be seen how the Galaxy S10 will actually look when Samsung will announce it. It expected that it will be unveiled at CES 2019 in January or at the Mobile World Congress in February 2019.

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