The Samsung Galaxy S10 Gets Official Approval

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Gets Official Approval

The Chinese CMIIT government body issued some certification documents which show that Samsung will be releasing separate versions of one of their most awaited smartphones, Galaxy S10.

As this smartphone is so anticipated, there are a lot of rumors are out there on the internet making assumptions on how this phone will be. Now that we have this document, we can see which ones of these rumors as accurate. What was confirmed is that the Galaxy S10 will feature a triple-camera setup and support for 5G network speeds.

According to the recently published documents, Samsung got three separate smartphones inspected by CMIIT. On the specified document we can find the models as SM-G9730, SM-G9750, and SM-G9700 which come in a logical order from the Galaxy S9 which were SM-G9600 and SM-G9650.

Based on the details included in the CMIIT reports, we’re expecting the three versions of the Galaxy S10 to break down as follows –

For the entry-level or the budget S10, it will have a single rear-facing camera, will measure 3.8 inches and support LTE. The next in line is the standard Galaxy S10 which will have the same size as the previous presented, LTE, and a dual rear-facing camera. The phone which will feature the incredible triple camera set-up will be the Plus flagship model which will be measuring 6.44 inches along with support for 5G and LTE.

Mobile World Congress, a place where Samsung is used to announcing their smartphones will be taking place in February. The sign that speculates this is the fact that Samsung is looking for key markets that can make accessories for their phones and to which they are also sending the government certification bodies.

It is nice to receive confirmation and a little detail from the CMIIT documents, but our curiosity was not satisfied yet.

DJ Koh, Samsung mobile chief, has already talked about how the next phone in the Galaxy S series will be like. He mentioned that it would have amazing new colors and very significant design changes. What we think is that the chief was talking about the flagship variant of the phone which will be the product for Samsung’s 10th anniversary.

Some tech specialists online suggest that the S10 screen will be so improved that it will have more than 600 pixels per inch compared to its predecessor, Galaxy S9 which only featured 570 PPI.

Samsung has its own Exynos chip that it uses for the Galaxy S series phones depending on the market. Europe received Exynos 9810-equipped Galaxy S9s and so will happen in 2019.

Whether the phone will have the next Exynos or the Snapdragon 855 chipset, what we know is that AI processing is a big thing this time. In order for the phone to handle both 3D processing and complex AI, it will need to feature, similar to the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, a Neural Processing Unit.

As we mentioned, the Plus version of the Galaxy S10 will be the only version of the trio to feature the new triple-camera system. It will include the 12-megapixel f1.5/2.4 lens from the S9 as its primary sensor, and in addition to that we will get a 13-megapixel f/2.4 lens and finish off by getting the “super wide-angle” 16-megapixel snapper (f/1.9 aperture with a 123-degree field of view).

It all sounds great, but in case you jumped directly to this part of the article we must mention that these camera specifications will only be available in the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus flagship version of the trio.

What we are not sure about is when the World Congress 2019 will take place in February. The exact date is still unknown. At least we got some information on what specifications this trio of Galaxy S10s will feature. What is disappointing is that the document from CMIIT did not mention anything about what kind of fingerprint sensor the phones will feature. Many tech fans are hoping for the fingerprint sensor to be mounted under the display of the phone.



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