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The Release Date for Sims 5 is a Long Way Off

Fans of the Sims series are aware that the game has had a long run time so far. Eighteen years, to be more exact. And with each passing year, the game only gets better and better which makes even more fans of and test it out. The last game installment in the series is Sims 4. It has already been four years since the game got out, and during this time EA came with multiple DLC content packs in order to upgrade the experience and the feel of the game.

Regardless of this, people have started to wonder when Sims 5 will be released since it has already been some time since Sims 4 came out and a new installment in the series would be a welcome change. We are afraid to tell you that it might still be some time until the company decides to start working on Sims 5.

Sims 4 DLCs

The latest DLC in the series is called Seasons. Fans of the game might recall the fact that this DLC is always the one that becomes a complete game changes since it revolutionizes the world of the Sims. The name of the DLC pretty much tells you what you can expect, and that is buckets of fun.  Despite this, fun cannot hide the expectations of fans who expect a new game announcement anytime now.

People have speculated that usually EA releases a new installment in the Sims series every five years and that seems to check out for the most part. This could mean that next year we could finally play the next Sims 5 and that an announcement is set to happen any day now.

However, EA could decide to keep pushing out more DLCs for Sims 4 since people have bought them and this game has turned out to be one of the most profitable for the company. Some fans were disappointed by the fact that Sims 4 takes away some of the exploration and liberty that you had with Sims 3, which might be something that EA will work on in Sims 5.

Last but not least, EA might decide to shift its focus on improving the Sims Mobile game since it has also been a very popular installment which raked profits in. So far all we can do is speculate since the studio is not offering us any clues about the date and the setting of the next game.

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