The Recent GTA VI Leaks might not even be real

The Recent GTA VI Leaks might not even be real

The gamers around the world are stuck with the recent GTA 6 leak, as it comprises extremely elaborate details. Nevertheless, the leak is not 100 percent credible and neither did Rockstar Gamers give a sneak peek of GTA VI. The new leak originates from an online source, and the “user” claims to have friends in high places such as Rockstar Studio. And now, the leak is circulating the internet like wildfire.

Is the new leak legit?

The experts are suggesting that when a leak comes into being and incorporates several details, they are usually fake. A leak regarding GTA VI from one online source has crazy details, and it came with bullet points. Every time there is a leak, and later when the publisher and developer provide a sneak peek of the game, it turns out to be fake. On the other hand, sometimes when the leak is deemed as fake, it turns out as a legit leak.

GTA 6 Rockstar

Important highlights of GTA VI

The forthcoming GTA 6 would be set in the tropical region of Vice City, and it will also introduce an inspired version of Rio De Janeiro. There is also the chance that the lead character will head towards Liberty City to finish a few missions.

Secondly, GTA VI is expected to be extremely inspired by Netflix’s Original Series Narcos. And this suggests that the show would be set during the 70s and the 80s. Rockstar Games decided to stick to one protagonist in GTA 6. Rockstar Games is trying to recreate the real-life weathers and put them into the game.

Additionally, this also suggests that weather pattern in GTA VI would be different from the previous installments. The leak also suggests that gamers can expect natural disasters such as floods or hurricanes during the gameplay.

Cars in GTA VI will provide all the features that were missing in the previous installments, such as keeping guns in the trunk. But there will be a specific limit regarding the equipment that the gamers can carry in the cars. There will be stories depicting the immigration, vitality of AIDs, among others.

The gamers will build a drug empire

Several other details came from a single leak; however, there is a highly likely chance that the protagonist will build a drug empire. In the last five installments, there have been numerous empires, but GTA VI would have a bigger and broader drug empire ever seen in a video game.

In the meantime, Rockstar Games is working on the GTA 6 as it has released Red Dead Redemption 2, back in October 2018.

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