The New IMX318 Sensor From Sony Will Do Wonders In The Future Phones

The most profitable division from Sony’s portfolio is the one responsible for photo sensors, and IMX318 is the latest creation that we might meet in the future top smartphones.

If case you’re associating Sony with only PlayStation and TVs, and possibly cameras, it’s worth knowing that the Japanese company does a very good job in making photo sensors for OEM partners. The iPhone, for example, uses for many years, exclusively, Sony sensors for photo/video capture. For this reason, when the company announces a new sensor with remarkable specifications, would be better for you to not overlook it. It could find a place in the upcoming iPhone 7 or iPhone 7S.

The IMX318 sensor has 22.5 megapixels, and according to Sony, could be the first BSI CMOS “stacked” sensor that comes with a hybrid auto-focus system and image electronic stabilization on 3 axes.

Given that in the past, such functions were separately introduced by the phone manufacturers, Sony’s gesture might reflect in thinner and more compact smartphones and tablets

The strength of IMX318 is not the impressive number of megapixels or the ability to capture a huge amount of light in a very short time. Instead, it’s the performance of the autofocus feature. The hybrid system combines the focus technique, starting from the contrast between the frame elements and the focus on the detection phases.

Before implementing these components, a separate application processor was responsible for this task. After the technological advances, the Japanese company is boasting with an autofocus time of 003 seconds for still images and 0.017 seconds for video.

Currently, no tablet, smartphone or drone manufacturer has rushed to announce a terminal that makes use of the new IMX318 sensor, but it shouldn’t last for very long until this happens.

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