The New Series of iPhones Confirmed with Massive Upgrade

Tim Cook and his team have upgraded the iPhone’s software and hardware platform with FaceID just in time for the release of iPhone X last year. Increasing the availability of FaceID and upgrading the entire 2018 series of devices is expected from Apple as the supply chain sources back up information regarding this statement. In the iPhone-Android comparison competition, this decision might cause a major impact and a significant advantage for Apple.

What differentiates Apple’s facial recognition from the other systems found on Android devices (for example OnePlus 6’s Face Unlock) is their key feature. Additional sensors are used by iOS alongside the front-facing camera and in the creation of a 3D depth map of the face presented is used a pretty small infrared laser camera. This surely is a facial recognition implementation that will win Apple a better place and is also avoids the „tricked by a picture” loophole that can be used to access the phone and it also allows better accuracy.

According to Digitimes suppliers are faced with an increase in orders of VCSEL (the vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser) throughout the supply chain which is considered a vital part of the system. This also reflects the financial outlooks for the rest of the year.

iPhone X Supply Chain Increasing

At the moment, iPhone X is the only carrier of Apple’s FaceID, but from the numbers in the supply chain increasing, we can assume that it will be enough for three handsets. In this category, we include the entry-level iPhone (the equivalent of iPhone 8) equipped with an LCD screen, the biggest iPhone, iPhone X Plus along with the revamped iPhone X for 2018. FaceID recognition might also be incorporated in the further iPad’s hardware.

As we have seen since the first implementation of FaceID, Apple also used it for marketing purposes by how easy and good is it to be used, by posting a lot of accurate advertisements on their Youtube channel. VCSEL aims to reduce the potential of false positive matches which makes banking applications approve of FaceID usage for biometric recognition as it is so innovative and secure it gives them comfort.

We know how Android is always trying to implement Apple’s ideas on their devices, but it does not work this time. Even though the phone can be unlocked using the Face Unlock, you will still need to use your fingerprint for user authentication and digital purchase in secure environments.

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