The New Menu of The Sims 4 Might Be Pushing the Non-existent DLC

The New Menu of The Sims 4 Might Be Pushing the Non-existent DLC

The Sims 4 is on the verge of getting an all-new personality test which would allow gamers to create Sims. However, the new Sims 4 also incorporates some other aspects of the games which would repair the forthcoming update. Among many changes, one of the most notable ones is in terms of the new-look menu.

The long-term Sims 4 players are raising some of the most critical questions regarding the change. The players are wondering how will the new update emphasize the new and old expansion DLC packs. There is a highly likely chance that most of The Sims 4 players are yet to get their hands on the new expansion pack. The developer of Sims 4, Maxis via its monthly Twitch stream, showcased a shiny new menu screen.

What does the new update bring?

The newly curated menu is sort of split into a couple of equal halves. Additionally, the bottom section of the menu reflects the collection of gamers. On the other hand, the bottom part is further broken into distinctive categories such as Game, Expansion, Free Stuff and Other Stuff. However, the bottom section incorporates less number of icons, and this indicated the DLC or other significant additions that the players have so far installed.

The Sims 4

At first, the new menu seems incredibly logical as it reflects everything a player has and doesn’t have. Nevertheless, some players are also suggesting that the menu entirely focuses hugely on the DLC which the players don’t have yet. Now that the players are aware of what they have and what they do not. They can also build things as they see fit.

What are EA and Maxis trying to accomplish?

Some players are claiming that this is the new strategy from the developer so that players can buy new things from the game itself. It is pretty much evident that the developer and the publisher are notifying the gamers as to which DLC they can install to make the game much more interactive.

The players who won’t think twice before buying the new DLCs will instantly obtain the DLC of their choice. On various social media and online gaming portals, the players are expressing how they feel about the new addition. The most common view is that players like modern aesthetics like the original color schemes. Furthermore, Maxis also added new additional content and features into the game so that the players will not get bored.

The new changes in The Sims 4 will arrive very soon.



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