The new iPhone line suffers from a big drawback

Apple has recently launched the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, and while they were well received and brought some interesting additions, a ‘’problem’’ was soon reported after CNBC and PhoneArena described the wired charging rates as incredibly slow.

PhoneArena has released an impressive tech analysis which notes that the charging the iPhone XS will take up to three hours and five minutes while charging the larger XS Max will boost the numbers to almost 3 and a half hours, which is quite a significant period of time.

The reviewer also calls out Apple for not including a fast charger even though the prices were bumped. Most Android flagships come with a fast charger, but Apple sells is separately in order to shamelessly boost its profit.

And that may is it true. If you want a faster charge rate, be prepared to pay $49 for the charging head and at least $19 for the cheapest one-meter cord. Even if you do buy a fast charger, it still remains behind most rivals.

Other sources reinforce the charges, noting that charging the phone during the day is certainly a painful experience, especially if you want to let it charge proper, instead of using it while it charges. One example is the fact that you can let most Android devices to charge 30 minutes, and they will be usable for several hours, a feat that Apple struggles to achieve.

Apple responded to one of the sources arguing that people prefer the smaller chargers since it is easier to carry around in your pocket, which is one of the poorest excuses ever recorded.

Even the new wireless charging protocol is a disappointment, as it too fails to reach the quality offered by wireless solutions available for Android.  The main issue is the fact that it remains slower than most premium solutions offered by the competition since the Qi format it uses is set at half the capacity of the standard version, which delivers 18W. Another major issue is the fact that wireless charging has been shown to deteriorate batteries faster and Apple has conveniently raised the charge to replace batteries for the new iDevices.

This means that you are at disadvantage no matter what you are doing, as charging will remain a tedious process. And it is disappointing that a company which gained popularity on improving its products over time by adapting what was already offered manages to botch wireless charging and remains so disappointing when it comes to battery problems.

iPhone XR

iPhone XR has become an interesting alternative to the main line, as it promises a better battery life and the screen, situated in the middle ground between the two XS may be the best choice for some users.

The major downside for perfectionists is the fact that while the size is big, the device is not able to convey native HD content, something that will be a big turn-off for people that want the best and nothing else.

The LCD screen may not match the clarity and contrast of the more expensive OLED alternative but it will be certainly great for many users, as the general experience will remain the same. The lack of 3D Touch support will also be a minor setback as it seems that most users avoid it in the first place, and the technology will be eliminated completely next year, as a long press function that mimics most of the features has been introduced with the new iOS update. To be fair, the vast majority of users are more interested in looks, not tech sheets, so the display will not be a handicap, especially if the price is fair.

The highlight is the battery, which is larger and will let for longer periods of time, overtaking the XS Max when it comes to the autonomy. Since it will use the same charger, extra time charge may be a good trade-off if the device will be cheaper than its brothers, as there is a 250$ difference between the 256 GB versions of XS and XR.

Ardent Apple fans will say that slower charge speeds are worth it for the Apple quality alone, but this is largely dependent on what you want from a phone and how often you wish to upgrade it.

It remains how the new iPhones will perform until the next generation arrives in less than one year.

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