The New iPhone Comes with a Never-Seen Feature

The New iPhone Comes with a Never-Seen Feature

By now we have grown accustomed to the fact that Apple is working hard to ensure that each line of smartphones that they release on a yearly basis is as good as they can come, with specs and performance levels worthy of the price tag. This year the giant tech company seems to be pouring even more resources into ensuring that their next line-up of smartphones is as good as they come. And this implies that people will continuously be interested to see what the company is working on. Of course, it is tough to get our hands on a leak or a rumor that comes from a reliable source, but today we managed to do just that.

Squeeze Detection Device

This discovery has emerged from the fact that a new Apple patent has been found out. Titled “Mobile Electronic Device with Squeeze Detection,” this name implies that users would be able to interact with their smartphones by squeezing the sides of the device. This feature is of course nothing new since we have come across almost entirely similar features with Google’s Pixel 2 and 2 XL, and of course with HTC U12+.

What this squeeze feature does is allow the user to access a menu or perform a number of functions just by squeezing the sides of the device. This patent was discovered by IBT. They stated that this technology is set to come with a “deformable housing wall”. This means that the amount of pressure that you apply to the sides of the device will equal to you being able to start up different functions. Sounds interesting in theory but we would like to see how this feature will pan out in a real-life setting.

This feature would work similarly to Apple’s 3D touch. 3D Touch allows the user to access different options depending on the pressure that they apply to the screen of the phone. In hindsight, we are happy to see Apple move in this direction and work on implementing this piece of technology into their next smartphone series.

We are ready to know when this feature is going to come out exactly. So far we only have the patent to base our discussion on, and there has been little talk of it being associated with a new device. This means that we cannot explicitly state that this squeezable feature will be available with this year’s line-up of smartphones due to be released in September by the company.

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