The New iPhone 9 could Come with Two SIM Cards and Other Interesting Features

The New iPhone 9 could Come with Two SIM Cards and Other Interesting Features

The iPhone 9 is one of the most expected launches this year. Apple fans can’t wait to get their hands on the new device, especially now, when they heard the latest rumors around the smartphone. According to trustworthy sources, iPhone 9 users might be given the possibility to use two SIM cards at the same time. If you are wondering where is the idea coming from, we will mention that the most recent update from Apple’s beta operating system is giving us some clues.

A second SIM card has been on Apple’s wishlist for a long time

The iPhone could have received support for a second SIM card a long time ago. In this idea, several smartphones released by Apple were expected to have this feature, but they didn’t. Customers were disappointed because this improvement would allow them to use two numbers and switch between two accounts in one phone.

Why is this feature so useful? For example, it would allow people to use business and personal numbers in the same device or set different accounts for home use or traveling situations.

Is this information confirmed?

These details were revealed by a popular tech blog. Their specialists noticed that the 5th iOS beta update provides some clues on the matter. It looks like, while they were working on the new device, Apple developers made reference to a second SIM and something similar to an additional SIM tray.

This isn’t the first time when the company’s beta software provides some information on the product which is waiting to be released. However, it is a bit strange that key features are spotlighted before a product’s launch.

When will the new iPhones come?

According to the information, we heard so far, Apple’s new phones will be announced this September. It looks like the line will have three devices: an updated version of iPhone X, an iPhone X Plus with the same features as the previous one, but a bigger size and a cheaper handset which will represent the middle level for those who are just discovering iPhones. Unfortunately, this version won’t see some of the most important upgrades.

Besides the new smartphones, Apple is preparing other launches as well

The beta software version released this year suggests that Apple could soon introduce other gadgets. The revolutionary wirelessly charging AirPods might be the next big launch. Until then, let’s see if the new iPhones meet the expected success.



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