The New iPhone 11: News , Updates , leaks & Release Date

The New iPhone 11: News , Updates , leaks & Release Date

The countdown to the arrival of iPhone 11 from Apple is on the way; so, you might get in with the news leaks and rumors ahead of the release of this device. It appears now that the device is most likely to be unveiled sometime around September and October during this year. Even though Apple does not prefer disclosing about the launch of its new products, the leaks and rumors are enough for you to contrive what you always wanted to know about this phone.

iPhone 11 Release date

Even though no official information has come about the release of iPhone 11, you can expect it to arrive by September or October in line with the previous models of this company. It would be wrong to speculate a release date of the phone right now, but considering the previous launches is a good way to reach somewhere close to the actual date of release and the rest can best be kept under the covers. It has been observed that the company likes to move with its new and big releases on a Wednesday or Thursday and IFA 2019 being one of the most revered tech events, which is going to take place in Berlin during the month of September, it seems the company may decide to launch the product during the same week and the pre-orders are going to start anytime soon after.

According to the new renders that are speculative, a hazy image of the iPhone 11 running on the iOS 13 has been shown. The images also amalgamate two other rumors about this device, such as the AMOLED displays that are likely to run on the iOS 13, which is similar to the dark mode that Apple released with the macOS Mojave, in 2018. Based on a report published in Bloomberg, the company has constructive plans to release the phone this year. If the company decides to follow a similar pattern, just as it has done in the case of its previous models, the handset should go for preorder somewhere around mid-September.

Speculations are on

Between now and September, the anxious users of iPhones waiting for the release have to satisfy themselves with the news and rumors. Even though the big players in the market are set to make their debut with the 5G phones in 2019, Apple is not likely to join the bandwagon until 2020. Despite the signs of a slow performance at the end of 2018, the profit made by the company can still overpower the other big players in the market and it is believed that the company has sold about 50 million phones from July to September during 2018. So, it is hard to overlook the fact that the company is going to surprise us with distinctive features in the iPhone 11 and if the rumors are to be believed, the users can also expect revolutionary aesthetics in the new device.

Following the tradition

It is further noted that the company is likely to stick to its previous plans and likely to release three models during fall this year. While one is expected to be the budget segment successor to iPhone XR, the rest are to follow the midrange models in the footsteps of iPhone XS and the super big model just like iPhone XS Max. It is less likely that the company is going to shift from this convention and release three models at the same time although the possibility of new features pushing back the time-frame cannot be ruled out as well.

iphone 11 spec

Specs and features: iPhone 11

There is hardly anything to doubt about the triple-lens of the iPhones launched previously and this one may come with significant advancements in the camera capabilities of the device and the pictures you take are certainly going to look better. Besides the camera, you can expect the improvements to come in the other specifications of the device as well. Rumors about the smaller features of the phone have made it to the top such as improved Face ID performance and the reliability of the device. Chances are that the company might include USB-C support, although they are less likely to be the major selling points of the device when the phone is going to be unveiled finally.

The processor of the device

The company has been collaborating with Taiwan Semiconductor for several years when it comes to supplying the processors for the iPhones and if the analysts are to be believed, Apple has probably already concluded a deal with the company and according to the exclusive deal, Taiwan Semiconductor may supply the processor for iPhone 11 to be released in 2019. No exact confirmation has arrived about the chip to be inserted in the model right now, but following the history provides an indication that the users can get a better and powerful phone than the A12 Bionic chip found on the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max. The enhanced power is going to make its way to the processing power and quite naturally, boost the performance of the graphics. Another leap can be expected in machine learning through the neural engine of the company making the AR apps more prolific.

Twist in the design

A majority of the reports suggest that the users may not see many changes in its design in 2019 and the notch design is going to prevail that came in 2017 with the iPhone X and the series of models released by the company in 2018, even though you may see a shrunk notch. According to a report in ET News during the month of January, Apple was planning to combine the components of the Face ID and the front-facing camera in the places possible and while doing so, the front-facing components can be condensed and the notch reduced.

Another patent discovery suggests that drilling holes in the display panels facilitate the infrared sensors and the Face ID cameras to look through the screen and change the notch to holes.  During the month of January, AMS, the principal supplier of electronics for the Face ID declared a technology that reduces the space required for the notch may pave the way for the design of the new device of Apple.

iphone 11 release date

3D Touch

From the time of iPhone 6S, Apple has been using the 3D Touch technology in its devices resulting in a greater number of contextual menus in the apps while interacting with the iOS. However, iPhone 11 may mark the end of this technology according to the reports of the Apple analyst Kuo who hinted that the company may move away from this technology as it is no more than an ancillary feature that ads to the cost of the device, unnecessarily, without adding much value to the devices.

Apple Pencil

According to reports, the company is planning to add pencil support to its line-up of devices during 2019, although another report suggests that the company may go with a super-capacitor stylus, which reduces the cost of manufacturing when compared with the electromagnetic-resonance technology used by Samsung in some of its premier models.

Association with OLED

When the company decided to unveil three new phones in 2018, the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max included the OLED technology although the XR includes an LCD screen. Keeping in mind that several users wanted the OLED technology in all the three devices, the company may shift to this screen pattern during this year. However, the users may not say three cheers to the decision right now as the report of the Wall Street Journal still suggests that the company may still use LCD panel in the cheapest model.

iphone 11 triple camera

Price of the model : iPhone 11

When Apple announced the price of iPhone X in 2017, complaints came from the critics, but the customers did not seem to pay attention to those rumors and the result was fabulous. Apple took note of this situation and pushed the prices of the other models such as iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max released in 2018 to the higher limit. During the past few years, the premium market of smartphones has continued to escalate customer budgets.

Other rumors about the device

According to the report, the 3D camera with laser power was initially planned to be included in iPhone 11, but it has now been postponed with the release of iPhone 12. However, the company might go with segmented reality. News pouring in from different sources also suggest that the new model is likely to have a 5.8-inch display similar to iPhone XS, but the smaller bezels have been noticed. Surprisingly, you might come across USB-C port and a 4000 mAh battery, along with an array of gracious colors.

In the meantime, all eyes are going to be on the design of the new iPhone 11 and waiting to see if the company is going to mix the things up. There may be a thinner design with more materials and the screen changes may be noticeable. The company may not offer a screen bigger than 6.5 inches, but it might just take another chance with its design making it a thing to remember when you speculate about the range of models that Apple may plan to launch in 2019.



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