The new iPad Pro – Worth the Upgrade?

The new iPad Pro – Worth the Upgrade?

What could we say about Apple’s newest iPad Pro besides it being perfect? Great battery life, the screen is great, the apps enchanting and it is powerful enough to last for years. You would think what the issue would be here. For us, the customers, none, but for Apple or any other company might not be so great.

After all, they want us to buy their latest products at each yearly upgrade cycle, just like our phones. But they are creative and know how to attract customers, thus we found ourselves with the latest product because of the coolest and improved features. Am I right? This time though, for the non-illustrators, iPad Pro might not be that charming.

Since 2015, the upgrades brought to iPad Pro with the bigger display of 12.9 inch and the Smart Connector, a magnetic adapter that was perfect for attaching and powering the keyboard. In 2016, Smart Connector was brought to the 9.7 inch iPad Pro.

Then we got the 10.5 inch version, that is not too different that 9.7 inch and it was supposed to replace it, but had the same features.

Then Apple decided not to only make iPad Pro larger but to make it powerful too, thus adding the faster A10X CPU and 12 core GPU which was impressive, nonetheless, but when did you ever have apps’ lag on an iPad? The majority of the apps are created to supply a pleasant experience across the iPad lineup.

A real noticeable feature of iPad Pro, beside the size, was the display, its refreshing rate going up to 120Hz, meaning the display can refresh 120 times per second. Beside when you are drawing, this feature won’t benefit you to anything else. The frames for games are between 30 and 60 fps.

Even though, no matter how good for art products like iPad and Surface have gotten over the passage of the years, you’ll never have that feeling that you are touching real paper when you’re drawing. It’s a different kind of friction and there’s always a slight lag from every pen stroke. It does feel faster when drawing on a 10.5inch tablet thanks to the display refreshing twice as fast.

Apple might have found themselves in front of a difficult situation. They’ve built the best tablet you can spend endless time on and each update has been a refinement. Last year, Apple improved the typing experience, this year the drawing experience.

On conclusion, if you’re not an illustrator or have no iPad, the advice would be to keep your money for now. No matter how good the new 10.5inch iPad Pro is, it is not worth the money.



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