The New Apple Watch Series 4 is More than a Gimmicky Gadget

The New Apple Watch Series 4 is More than a Gimmicky Gadget

Flashy electronic watches have been a staple in the cartoon industry for years, when creators outfitted characters with watches that could play their favorite T.V. channel, among other things. No one thought at that time that they could one day become real, just like the modern video-games were just a beautiful dream back in the 1980’s.

They both become real and they did not disappoint. The Series 4 Apple Watch is able to even make me feel bad that I don’t exercise enough, as it tracks my activity during the day. With a touch, I can access all the functions of my phone without picking it up. If I trip and break my leg, I can use my watch as a walkie-talkie in order to beg someone to come and help me. The heart tracker oversees my vitals, and it warns me when I should take a break while jogging.

The device can be a useful addition for your staff, as the variety of features wills certainly make-up for the steep price. The walkie-talkie ability removes the need for dedicated radios and equipment, and you can directly select with whom you wish to talk. If you opt for the cellular version, you can also directly call another watch, without the need to pair it with your iPhone.

You can also make use of a sizeable number of apps available for the Apple watch. Use your device to display a QR passcode instead of carrying the ticket in your pocket. Take a quick glimpse at the stock market. Send commands to Siri and perform searches lightning-fast.

Apple Watch GPS Data

The built-in safety features are also a big plus. For example, the watch can tell if you fell. An alert will appear, and if you are not able to respond in 60 seconds, it will immediately call for help. You can even assign specific emergency numbers if you deem it necessary. The device can also send accurate GPS data so the person can be found quickly, which in some cases can end up saving their lives.

The new Apple Watch can also help people that suffer from heart disease or are preoccupied with their health. Apple has integrated an electrocardiogram sensor that can track your pulse accurately with the touch of a finger. An app that will allow you to save and store the results on your iPhone is also coming later this year. It does not replace specialized equipment, but the app has been approved by the FDA as a medical device.

If this will be your first experience with an Apple Watch there is a small learning curve as the functions can be controlled by swipes, side buttons or the crown of the watch. Personalization is quick and intuitive as you can change watch faces by using the dedicated Watch app on your iPhone.

As screen space is relatively small, you may need some help until you get used to the way in which the watch can be used and how to start one particular app. A complete tutorial and the full user manual are available on the Apple website in order to guide you through the procedure.

First time pairing is easy to do. Start the watch and pair it with your iPhone. You will have to use the Watch app in order to successfully pair the devices, as the watch will show a pattern that needs to be entered in the app in order to confirm the process. After the pairing is done, you can opt to enable Apple Pay if you need it and other apps that are not installed automatically.

The device is great for a team, even more so if you already use iPhones as corporate smartphones, so give it a try.



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