The New Apple TV’s remote With Motion Sensitive

Apple TV will be introduced at the Apple’s special event on September 9th. Some rumors said that Apple will revamp the Apple TV into a better one with the same design, but thicker and slightly wider and it’s also expected to bring Apple’s A8 system on chip. One of the interesting rumor is about the new Apple TV’s remote. This new remote will still have the physical buttons but there will be the additional interface, Touchpad, and a microphone for Siri. The remote will also reportedly be motion sensitive.

Source: martinhajek

Source: martinhajek

The motion sensitive technology on the Apple TV’s remote is likely several axis’ worth of sensor that put its control on par with Nitendo Wii remote. It can give the new way of interaction for Apple TV and give the chance for developers to make the new applications or games by optimizing this interface. It seems that Apple TV will also use the new Apple TV OS. Apple TV will be a bit delayed in manufacture, but some sources said that the experience will “blow away” the current smart TV interface we can see on the market today.

With the new design of Apple Tv and its remote, it looks like that Apple TV will have the new price. 9to5mac reported that Apple TV will have a price of $149 or $199.

“According to sources, the fourth-generation Apple TV will be priced below $200, and is on track to become available in October. Apple executives are apparently still finalizing the price of the revamped living room device, but the latest options call for a starting price point of either $149 or $199, both higher than the third-generation Apple TV…”

It seems that Apple will keep selling the old version of Apple TV for $69.

But, these are still rumors, we will know everything after September 9th special event. We are sure Apple will surprise us, as always!


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