The New 4D Smartphone – Hydrogen ONE by RED

No glasses, no stress. The images are the same as you’ve been watching a 3D movie, but it’s all on your phone display.

With a 5.7-inch screen capable of showing a “4View holographic content, Hydrogen is a curious thing for many of us. Maybe this new technology is a step forward virtual reality. You can also see 3D content and even regular 2D material. Practically, it means you can look everywhere. The question that disturbs us is the quality of the content. We still do not know how the games or the apps will look like. We could only imagine and hope to be the top quality because nobody wants to watch a movie with eye pain.

This phone was created for people who want to change how they see the world. Now our phone produces 2D images, but this new technology doubled that number. They are still working on it, but soon the studios and the filmmakers will have their 3D content transferred to 4view.


This phone is surely invented for people who create something. Like Motorola does on its Moto Z smartphones with Moto Mods accessories, you can do on that phone, namely, you are able to stack modules onto the device to add functionality.

The actors and the stars from Hollywood were shocked to see what this little thing can do. The smartphone supports Android and his price is 10% higher than an iPhone X.

Even the Walt Disney Co. and Lionsgate are excited to see how the world will be changed, just from a new perspective.

The creators are doubting about the reaction of the public. They are not sure if people want to invest money in this new amazing feature. They do not supply the public with further details, they wait for the right time to give the complete news.

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