The New 2019 iPad and iPad Mini 5 May Include the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil

It is now becoming more or less certain that Apple will be releasing the 2019 models of its tablets – the new iPad and the upgraded iPad Mini 5 and this may happen in March this year. More interestingly, it is now rumored that these two tablets could be provided with the smart keyboard and Apple Pencil features as additional benefits to the users. This is according to a tweet from Steve Troughton Smith.

Smith is a developer and claims his tweet is based on what he has learnt from the firmware updates released by Apple recently. A beta version of the iOS 12 (iOS 12.2) is currently doing the rounds and he claims he could notice these inclusions in these budget tablets. These were available only with the iPad Pro so far except that the Apple Pencil has been added to the iPad last year.

The Design Changes Need to be Made

If this information is correct, then the provision for connecting the smart keyboard to the iPad and the iPad Mini 5 will have to be made while finalizing the designs. Apple doesn’t have to invent anything new. What is appearing in the iPad Pro models will have to be included in these lower end offerings in the tablet segment. There is this suggestion too that Apple may provide only Touch ID on these devices and no Face ID.

iPad Mini 5

These are still rumors as Smith himself has added in his communication. But it has to be said that ever since the sighting of seven iPad models with coded monikers appeared on the EEC site, there has been a spate of comments on what the market hopes Apple will do to the tablets. The expectation on the release of the new tablets in March is based on a practice the company has been following for some time.

Now having made the prototypes and getting the certifications done, it is a natural process that the devices will be duly launched.  In any case, some of these updates to the models have been overdue and must be received well by the market.

To recollect the key changes, the iPad may see a slightly bigger 10-inch display with thinner bezels while the iPad Mini 5 may see a more detailed revamp after a 3-year gap.

One important aspect the customers are keenly awaiting is the pricing of the tablets. Over to Apple to clarify on all these points.

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