The Name of the New 2018 iPhone Model Creates Some Problems for Apple

We all know that a new iPhone is about to be launched. However, the name of this new device has not been established yet. According to some new reports, it seems that even Apple itself is not sure about what name the new phone should have.

When should we expect the new phones

Naming the new handsets is particularly difficult, due to the fact that the tech giant has rather a complicated scheme to name its current line-up. The new iPhones are expected to be revealed by Apple around the 12th of September. After that, the company should already make the phones available to the public for approximately one week and a half later, as long as no changes will take place in the meantime.

Apple has not decided on a name yet

Based on a new report from Bloomberg, Apple is not sure about how to name the new smartphones. This is due to the fact that the company has a very complex line-up this year. According to some rumors, there may be three new phones that will be soon unveiled by the tech giant. We should expect to see a completely new flagship model to follow after the iPhone X, along with a Plus-sized version of that phone, and another model that will be more budget-friendly, which will be the middle of the size range.

Do we have any idea about how the smartphones will be called?

As far as the names of these phones are concerned, based on what we know until now, Apple might consider the new handsets as part of an “S” year. This would mean that the exterior of the iPhones will be kept almost the same as before, while we will notice some improvements inside of the phones themselves. It is known already that normally, in such situations as the one we have this year, the company is deciding to just add an S to the name.

Nevertheless, this time, such a decision might not be a good idea, as it would clearly create some unnecessary confusion for everyone. If the new model would be called iPhone XS, it would make fans think that the name must be connected to the size of the device. In a similar manner, there will be an even greater chaos with naming the two other expected iPhones. Therefore, Apple will probably opt for something completely different. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.

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