The list of Warcraft 3 cheats

Sometimes when you play your favorite game, you might need some extra help to get things done, and you can achieve that by using cheats. You can unlock new things, gain more power, be indestructible, get more money, etc. There are many games out there with their own set of cheats. Here, we are going to share a list of Warcraft 3 cheats.

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How to use Warcraft 3 cheats

In order to use Warcraft 3 cheats, all you have to do is press enter key then type the cheat you want, and press the same key one more time.

As soon as you do this, you will see a message saying “Cheat Code Enabled”.

Warcraft 3 cheats

The following cheats will work in a single-player mission.

WhosYourDaddy – This is a GOD mode cheat. It will give invincibility and provides one-hit kills

Motherland – provides level jump

WarpTen – it speeds up the construction of units and buildings

SharpAndShiny – it will unlock all available upgrades

Synergy – it allows you to build anything at the beginning

ThereIsNoSpoon – it provides unlimited Mana

LeafitToMe – get a certain amount of lumber

KeyserSoze – get a certain amount of gold

GreedIsGood – get a certain amount of gold and lumber

PointBreak – the food limit is removed

WhoIsJohnGalt – allows fast research

SomebodySetUpUsTheBomb – instant defat

StrengthAndHonor – no defeat

IocainePowder – fast death and decay

ItVexesMe – disables Victory Condition

IseeDeadPeople – it removes the fog of war

LightsOut – the time of day will be set to dusk

RiseAndShine – the time of day will be set to dawn

AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs – Instant Victory