The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Charging Issues will be Solved through Apple’s latest iOS 12.1

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Charging Issues will be Solved through Apple’s latest iOS 12.1

There are some users who experienced problems with charging up their iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max. If you are among them, rest assured because Apple will deliver a fix for you. There were numerous reports about phones not being able to charge when they were plugged into their lightning cables while their displays were off.

They could, however, be charged if the screens were on or if they were getting their power from wireless charging. Even those that didn’t charge while the displays were off, they would eventually start doing so after a while. Apple wasn’t satisfied with the negative feedback and that’s why it planned for a new software update. The iOS 12.1 will be able to solve your problems regarding charging, apparently.

Now it is only available in beta, but later this fall it will arrive on all iPads and iPhones. The beta program has been a trademark for Apple ever since 2015, although you should only access it if you don’t rely on just a single iPhone. If you are willing to suffer through some glitches, then, by all means, go ahead and get it.

On the other hand, if you don’t feel like you are ready to commence beta testing, you can try unplugging the lightning cable and then plug it right back in. Apparently, this will work as some form of kickstarting the charging. If you see that it doesn’t begin to charge immediately, don’t sweat it. Give it some time and it will eventually start. These are your only solutions so far because the alternative is waiting until later this fall for the iOS 12.1 to hit the stores and we don’t even know an official date for that.

We got used by now to how Apple releases new devices or software which only show bugs and glitches when they are used by millions of people. If you remember, last year Apple launched the iOS 11.1 and it came with a bug which didn’t allow some users to type the letter ‘I’. Instead of that letter, the software would autocorrect it to the letter ‘a’ followed by a Unicode symbol. In order to work through this problem, Apple had to release the iOS 11.1.1.

iPhone XS and iOS 12

Last month we were introduced to the new iOS 12 which was featured on the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max. One of the biggest changes to the software is a new feature which is called ‘Memoji’. Besides this feature, you can encounter a revamped Do Not Disturb characteristic, an improved way of handling notifications and a Measure app as well.

Also, Apple incorporated some features which work great as parental controls. This means that those who want to restrict a child’s access to the device can now do just that, while the Screen Time feature will allow you to see just how your kids are using the phone or how much your device has been used in general.

Besides the problem with the charging capabilities, there were other issues signaled by the users of the new iPhone XS. There were some complaints regarding the way this phone takes selfies. More to the point, some people noticed that their selfies are getting through an unwilling process of beautification. That is supposedly done by the iPhone XS as it applies some sort of filter over your photo, resulting in what has been described as a ‘plastic look’.

Initially, people thought that the problem was with the new Smart HDR feature. However, even when this feature was turned off, the beautification process was still going on. Besides this, the new iPhone apparently also alters your color tone so that your skin will receive a glowing characteristic.

According to the complaining users, this happens every time the camera manages to come across a face. All you can do is test it for yourself and see if your phone is also a faulty one. Some speculated that this is happening because Apple tries to enter the Asian markets harder and they are known for really enjoying this kind of features. However, this theory isn’t going to be confirmed anytime soon.



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