The iPad Pro 10.5-inch Has Some Issues but Can Read My Handwriting

The fist iPad was released by Apple in on April 3, 2010. And since then, seven separate generations of iPads have been released and saw Apple coming every year with a new generation that was a big improvement to the one before it. Since 2015 Apple started to release a Pro version of their iPads. Also, Apple released a cheaper (but not so good) iPad series called iPad mini which reached its 4th generation this year.

This year Apple released two new iPads, theiPad Pro 10.5-inch (27 cm) and the 12.9-inch (33 cm). The new variants were officially released on the 13th of June, following the annual Worldwide Developer Conference that Apple held. The iPad 2017 was released on March 24 of this year.

The difference between 9.7 and the 10.5 does not seem a lot when you see it like this, but when you have the two in front of you will remain amazed. Let’s not even talk about what happens when you have the 12.9 in front of you.

This year I have tested the 10.5-inch model and I remained disappointed that now I cannot use my two favorite accessories. I’m talking about how the TwelveSouth HocerBar is now too small now for my new iPad, and the Brydge keyboard is also a little too small for the 10.5 model.

Another disappointment happened when I opened the box and found out that the charging cable still has a USB-A device which makes it impossible to use on the new MacBook Pro models. But the new Apple Pencil made me happy because it improved a lot and you can now use it a lot easier. I tried to draw with it and the results were amazing. I also tried to see if the device would detect my awful handwriting and I remained amazed that the new iPad immediately recognized it.

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