The Galaxy S10 Lite May Look Similar to the S10+ and S9+

There have been rumors floating across the internet regarding a Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite being in the works. Now, the Galaxy S10 Lite seems to have reached the USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office).

The device is first in the line of ‘Lite’ smartphones by Samsung and it looks like the smartphone giant isn’t cutting any corner for the affordable flagship smartphone.

Galaxy S10 Lite Patent Application Leaked

Sketches of a smartphone found in the USPTO were leaked on a German Samsung blog, which suggested that the unnamed smartphone may be the Galaxy S10 Lite.

Galaxy S10 Lite

The patent application reveals a design that has a similar aesthetic to the Galaxy S10+ and the Galaxy S9+ smartphones. The device will feature two front cameras and two rear snappers as well. The display is expected to be curved like the previous Galaxy S8, S9 and S10 lineup of handsets.

The Brazilian certification website ANATEL also pointed out that the Galaxy S10 Lite may have a 4,370mAh battery as well as support for fast charging.

Galaxy S10 Lite Leaked Design Specifications

A lot can be deduced regarding the design of the Galaxy S10 Lite by examining the leaked images. The device has a similar overall design to the Galaxy S series of smartphones. The front of the handset features an infinity O display with a dual front camera setup inside a hole punch notch like the Galaxy S10+. The rear of the device, however, looks similar to the Galaxy S9+ and has a dual snapper setup with an LED flash.

Other Leaks Regarding the Galaxy S10 Lite

Apart from the US patent filing, the Galaxy S10 Lite was also certified by Brazil’s ANATEL. The certification suggested that the device will come with a 4,370mAh battery. The battery will have more capacity than the S10+’s 4,100mAh battery but lesser than the S10 5G’s 4,500mAh battery. The device is also rumored to have 45W fast charging support.

Galaxy S10 Lite AnatelThe smartphone was also spotted on the benchmarking tool Geekbench’s website where it was reported to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC and 8GB RAM. The device was also running the Android 10 operating system.

Galaxy S10 Lite Release Date

The US patent was filed on 29th October which suggests that the device is going to launch soon. The device is going to have Android 10 out of the box which suggests that it will launch in 2020 or late 2019. There isn’t any official confirmation from Samsung regarding the Galaxy S10 lite yet.

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