The First Issue with iPhone XS and XS Max

The First Issue with iPhone XS and XS Max

Apple Support Communities and MacRumors Forums members who are the proud owners of either an iPhone XS Max or an iPhone XS say that they have experienced problems with the charging of their iPhones. According to them, the devices do not want to begin their charging when the screen is turned off, and the Lightnin cable is in.

The new iPhone has been awaited by Apple fans since the release of iPhone X due to their Super Retina in two sizes which include the largest screen ever on an iPhone. The Face ID has been improved too, and it works faster now, and this smartphone has the most powerful, smartest chip ever. The dual-camera system is remarkable as well so every Apple fan would love to own such a phone. At least they wanted to until this issue happened.

The charging issues vary from user to user, but often the iPhone XS Max or the iPhone X would only begin their charging ritual if the display is activated by the raising of the screen or tapping on it. However, this is not a solution for all the users. Some of them said that they need to both disconnect and reconnect the Lightning cable and activate the phone in order to get it to charge.

Contrary to these situations a few iPhone users have other charging related issues with their devices. When the screen is turned off, and the Lightning cable is plugged in, the iPhone would simply start responding for good at some point after doing those things.

The issue is 100 percent accurate as a Lewis Hilsenteger, the owner of the Unbox Therapy favorite YouTube channel has demonstrated this issue on camera so that proofs will be there. He proved this issue by plugging a Lightning cable into four iPhone XS, one iPhone X, and four iPhone XS Max units. As expected, the iPhone X began its charging ritual, but three of the iPhone XS Max and two of the iPhone XS would just not do that.

A lot of discussion threads across the web including MacRumors Forums, Apple Support Communities, Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, and many other platforms and forums have affected customers complaining and explaining the issues they face with their newly bought iPhones. What we know is that not everybody is affected but the people who do not enjoy this issue.

Some users have been investigating this issue more thoroughly, and it brought them to one of the iOS 11.4.1 updates, the USB Restricted Mode. It means that every time an iPad, iPhone or iPhone touch is trying to communicate with USB accessories using the Lightning connector, it will not function if you have not used the device or unlocked it for one hour or even longer.

iPhone XS and iOS 12

However, taking into consideration the fact that the USB Restricted Mode is enabled by default in the new iOS 12, disabling the feature does not solve the issue according to Hilsenteger and others. Apple has also created a support document that makes sure “your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch charges as usual when it is connected to a USB power adapter” with the feature toggled on.

Viewers of the famous Unbox Therapy video from YouTube have been commenting on it since it was posted and some users have raised the issue happening with older iPads and iPhones as well which means that it might actually be a software issue which hopefully will be remediated in a future iOS 12 update.

In case you are facing this problem, the best way to address it is by contacting Apple Support. As all feedback helps, the engineering teams know how to address this little bugs as Apple is always updating them with the information needed.

When Apple was asked about this issue, the company decided not to talk about it in the media.

One participant to the forums says that this situation is absolutely ridiculous as the price of the Apple devices has been rising more and more, it should be worth it for the services the company provides.

Another one suggests that iPhone users should be more patient because no issue was ever left untreated by Apple.



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