Apple Has A New Patent: The Fingerprint Activation of Panic Mode for iPhone

Apple patented a feature related to the Touch ID capability: the fingerprint activation of panic mode for iPhone. On that patent, Apple utilizes the Touch ID fingerprint recognition to activate a ” panic mode.” Currently, the Touch ID is used to unlock the iPhone, the application password, and Apple Pay. It’s also used as a standard security for iPhone. The capability development of this feature is expected to meet someone’s need in an emergency situation.

Apple Has A New Patent: The Fingerprint Activation of Panic Mode for iPhone

In the panic mode, personal data stored on the mobile device is not accessible or viewable to the user. In an example, panic mode can be pre-configured by the mobile device owner to implement a variety of different security functions ranging from securing personal data to resetting the device to locking out all functions until a password or different designated finger is scanned. Panic mode in particular is designed to protect both, user data and the mobile device from theft. In other implementations, the user may register particular fingerprints to be associated with different modes of operation and activate the different modes based on the particular fingerprints.

For example, if a hiker falls and requires assistance, the mobile device may be activated into the panic mode to activate a distress call or act as a beacon to alert emergency response providers (e.g. Police, fire department, medical responders, etc.). In these examples, the beacon operation can function in coordination with the audio, photo, or video recording and/or transmission, providing as much information as is available to emergency responders.

Apple registered this patent on May 5, 2014 with the name “FINGERPRINT ACTIVATION OF A PANIC MODE OF OPERATION FOR A MOBILE DEVICE” and it has been published today by U.S Patent and trademark office.

Source: uspto and iClarified

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