The Elder Scrolls VI: More Rumors on the Creation Engine

The Elder Scrolls VI: Nobody is expecting that the Elder Scrolls VI will be released for play anytime soon. However, the gaming enthusiasts were quite confident that Bethesda will replace the Creation Engine for the new game, particularly after the spate of issues faced in the developer’s other game Fallout 76. The only solace people can hang on to is the assurance that the company will rework the platform and only an upgraded version will be seen on the new game. Besides the Elder Scrolls VI, the other game being awaited from Bethesda is Starfield.

Bethesda is Stoutly Defending its Action

Bethesda’s Todd Howard, while interacting with the media has made it very clear that there is no plan going forward to change the Creation Engine in toto. Changes that need to be incorporated may be definitely done. The factors playing on the minds of those following the issue closely related to the happenings with the game Fallout 76. But Howard, in a way, dismissed these fears. In his opinion, the fresh changes brought about in the renderings and the lighting systems have made the fallout game very immersive. He also cited the introduction of the new GTX 2080 Ti graphics card as another step towards making the gameplay experience even more interesting. Now, how far the ardent Bethesda fan playing the game would be convinced with these explanations has to be seen in the days to come.

Many Issues Still to be Resolved

The apprehension in the minds of the players is not misplaced. The issues reported to Bethesda in the Fallout 76 game were real and everyone knows these issues have their origins in the Creation Engine. Some do come up with the argument that these issues were there when the game was still in the beta version. But even the latest version of the game is not free from the poor visual effects on the game screen. And when the hardware specifications are being upgraded all the time, whether it is the smartphones or other platforms on which the games are played, will the Creation Engine that Bethesda is struck with measure up to the new devices? These can relate to the multi-core processor or the increasing RAM sizes.

As mentioned, there is a large body of gamers out there who trust and pray that better sense prevails and that Bethesda will indeed start working an entirely new engine platform and critically release the Elder Scrolls VI with the new engine.

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