Elder Scrolls VI: Is There a Release Date Confirmation?

Elder Scrolls VI: You cannot fault the media for latching on to every word uttered or every movement of the facial muscles of the games developers’ official spokespersons and making a story out of it. That is their job and they do it sincerely. And looking forward to these minute details are the millions of fans who play these games. A game developer takes anywhere between 3 to 5 years to work on a game’s new version. One must appreciate the patience displayed by the fans in waiting that long so that they can get to play the game with more fervor.

The Elder Scrolls game series has been having a large following and when the developer Bethesda Games Studios confirmed that the game’s next version, The Elder Scrolls VI is definitely on its way, every one of them cheered. They then wanted to know when. That is still not confirmed though. But taking cues from an interview that the game developer’s PR head Pete Hines gave recently, a lot of 2s and 2s are being put together to get the 4.

The Operative Sentence that Indicates it Could be 2024

As mentioned in the beginning, it all boils down to interpretation and drawing conclusions from what is said and what is left unsaid. Going by this process, Pete Hines has given a long and winding reply to the question put to him on the possible launch dates for The Elder Scrolls VI and in that he has made a couple of remarks. One point he makes is that Bethesda does not belong to those game developing entities who push out a game every 9 months just for the sake of releasing one. His point here is that the quality of the game they develop is more critical to them than the time consumed in the development process. This is fine by any sensible gamer. And then Hines has said whatever time gap was there between the sequence of games released in the past will be maintained in the case of The Elder Scrolls VI as well.

It is not such a straightforward answer since by just adding up the years, one may conclude the release may happen in 2021, latest. However, there is the other revelation, a few days earlier, that the studio has just about started the work on The Elder Scrolls VI. By this reckoning, Bethesda may need another 5-6 years before it can release the game. That will take the year to 2024. As it is, this date may be the one more realistic.

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