The Elder Scrolls 6 is Going to Sport Groundbreaking Technology, Delay is Inevitable

The developers of Skyrim and Fallout created new benchmarks in the world of gaming. Bethesda set new benchmarks for publishers and when they confirmed that they are working on The Elder Scrolls 6, it is definitely something to be really excited about.

The game’s teaser trailer has been revealed but it is not going to showcase much of gameplay, hero or the lore in which it is set. The reveal was made by none other than Todd Howard during E3 2018. The team has lots of things to share about the game but it is going to be a long wait before it takes shape and is set for release.

Introducing Groundbreaking Game Technology

Speaking about what they have to offer, Howard spoke during multiple E3 events. This is what he has to say about The Elder Scrolls 6. “We really can’t specify an actual release date for the game because the kind of ideas we have for this world is massive. I could call all game enthusiasts and explain them but the next question will be, we still don’t have that kind of technology in gaming.”

“If it is going to be so futuristic, then when will the game actually get released or see the light of the day. This is something we know and are working on as a team to bring the best ever experience for people. TES6 is coming after Skyrim, one of the most successful games in the franchise and we are poised to live up to the expectations,” said Howard.

Bethesda Will Focus on Current Big Titles

Fallout 76 and Starfield are the big AAA titles Bethesda teams are currently working on. They have already released Fallout 76 which takes one of them out of the context and only one more to go. If the release takes place in 2019, their entire attention will move to the game that millions of gamers have been waiting for.

The Elder Scrolls 6 may have innovative and massive ideas but we still don’t know what they could be. Just like GTA 6 and other big titles that have the potential to change the gaming industry, TES6 will show gamers something they have never witnessed before. The potential release date could be years from now, maybe in 2020 or even 2021 but that is something every gamer has to put up with in order to get a title that is great to play for years to come.

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