The Display of the iPhone XR is Sturdier Than you May Think

When Apple first revealed the iPhone XR some fans immediately thought about the ill-received iPhone 5C. The device promised the premium Apple experience at a competitive price but the reviewers weren’t convinced and the fans opted for the more expensive models. It seemed that the dream of an affordable iPhone will remain just that, but Apple decided to try again and this time the company hit the jackpot.

The XR packs the complete iPhone experience along with a more reasonable price tag and the world instantly fell in love with the device.

Having been finally released on the market, benchmark tests showed that the XR outscored most Android flagships in the popular Geekbench and AnTuTU benchmark, which made it even more attractive.

Many users feared that the LCD screen may not be as resistant as its OLED equivalent but several endurance tests proved that they have nothing to worry about.

During one of the most severe tests, the smartphone was dropped directly on asphalt from a height of six feet. As expected, it became unusable and the result was identical to the one obtained during the testing of the iPhone XS in the same conditions.

The infamous ‘’bend gate’’ will also be avoided as it took more than 260 pounds in order to curb the metal chassis of the device. This means that users are safe from the issue that plagued the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. For added security, don’t keep the device in your back pocket if you decide to sit down.

The only real compromises are those that were already announced by Apple. The Liquid Retina display looks great for an LCD and an OLED would have pushed a substantially bigger price. While the XS and XS Max pack 4GB of RAM instead of 3 and a dual-sensor camera instead of the single-lens one present on the XR, the average user won’t notice the differences.

If you are on the hunt for a budget smartphone the iPhone XR is the best way to enjoy the Apple experience at an affordable price.

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