The Dilemma Samsung Faces with the Audio Jack for Galaxy S10

It’s a Hobson’s choice for Samsung as it must be busy giving finishing touches to the Galaxy S10 models to be unveiled in March 2019. One major decision hanging fire is whether to remove the 3.5 mm audio-out jack or not. The company appears to be still undecided on this if you went by the reports emerging online.

A Prototype Without the Jack Ready

Samsung is debating if removing the 3.5 mm jack would make its next set of flagship smartphones join the latest trend among the high-end devices from rival brands. On the flip side, how would the fans react to this major change in the design? There are reports which suggest the users of smartphone models which have released without the jack have not been very happy with them. At least a majority of them. The market feedback seems to say “don’t remove it”. But it is learnt that Samsung has already designed and prepared a prototype of a Samsung Galaxy S10 model that does not have the 3.5 mm jack.

Galaxy S10 3.5m Audio Jack

Alternative Has to be Provided

In the event of the Korean major finally deciding to ditch the audio output jack, it will have to provide the customers with the alternative as well. This could be wireless earbuds as standard supply with the pack when the phones are sold replacing the wired headsets many models include. But where will it leave the cost of the model and the pricing? And if it is left to the customer to invest in the additional accessory, how will they react? Would it affect the sales of this prestigious model in a key 10th anniversary year? These are all questions Samsung will be searching the right answers for in the coming days. As one of the comments online put it, they may just chuck the idea and continue with the audio jack after all.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G May be Released by Verizon in the US

The other aspect creating a lot of interest among the fans about the Samsung Galaxy S10 models to be released next year is 5G. The technology has been there waiting for the appropriate device. Verizon could be the first carrier off the block next year. And the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G might be the device they will rely on to roll out their 5G service in the US.

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