The Design of Samsung’s Phones will Change in the Future

The Design of Samsung’s Phones will Change in the Future

There is a great certainty that the design of Samsung phones will change in the future as many consider the actual ones not so outstanding. The only element of the design of the South Korean tech giant’ phones that was changed is the colors. However, that is not enough to satisfy everyone.

Samsung Patent

On the 18th of October, there was a Samsung patent published. The patent was filed with WIPO for a “Biometric sensor and device including the same. The focus of this publication is the soon to be included in future Samsung phones optical in-screen fingerprint scanner. This patent is considered a clue for the future designs of the company. It also shows us that the fingerprint sensor will be etched in a system that also looks like an opening on a printed circuit board. Obviously, as Samsung’s first priority is the safety of its buyers, the sensor will be placed at a safe distance from the display.

As mentioned, the sensor will be placed by Samsung under the screen of their phones. What must be mentioned is that the area around the sensor will be pressure-sensitive, according to Stephen Mayhew from

According to the editor chief from Pochetnow, Anton Nagy, Samsung is keen on removing the fingerprint scanner for good. The fingerprint was first moved to the back from its front placement and not it will be hidden under some glass.

Some other reporters, such as Omar Sohail from Wccftech, consider that Samsung’s new patent might be firstly introduced in the Galaxy S10 in case it will not be equipped with an optical fingerprint sensor.

However, Abrar Al-Heeti, from CNET, has another opinion. He considers that the Galaxy S10 will not be equipped with this sensor and neither will other phones from Samsung. In case that will happen, the whole phone screen will be filled up by the display.

Some other reporters even consider that the South Korean company is the one to design and manufacture the specific fingerprint scanner. There where some speculations that the scanner will come from Qualcomm, but it would be a better strategy if Samsung would keep the fingerprint reader in-house.

If Samsung will not get the in-display sensor from Qualcomm and make it by itself, it means that this was part of the company’s plan, and that is great because it is better not to rely on other manufacturers.

With that being said, we can now tell you that the placement of the fingerprint sensor is not the only subject that is being talked about regarding Samsung’s choices of design.

According to Joe Fedewa’s post from from Friday, the notch that phone manufacturers are using just buys them time until they come with a solution for the removal of the bezels. According to him, Samsung is even looking for a way to bring the camera under the display.

The post was mainly focusing on how future smartphone will look like, and it mentioned that the future devices “are almost 100% display on the front with no sensors or bezel present.”

The patent did not only shook the public regarding the fingerprint sensor, so get ready to hear some drama about the cameras as well.

AMOLED Forum is an event held by Samsung Display which had 20 attendees in China, according to, where the under-display features where discussed.

Jay Bonggolto from has also added that the innovations mentioned referred to the audio technology, camera sensors, touch-sensitive systems, and fingerprint readers.

With that being said, we can conclude by saying that the smartphones of the futures might be full display.



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