The Curved QLED Monitor from Samsung Ships with Thunderbolt 3

The PC world is filled with a variety of monitors but the Thunderbolt 3 ones are still rare to find. Also, curved displays are quite difficult to find as well. Samsung plans to hit two birds with one stone by supplying curved Thunderbolt 3 displays.


Samsung already gave us a preview during the CES 2018 and now it is officially releasing the CJ79, the curved QLED display which will be available worldwide soon enough. It consists of a 34-inch screen which provides ultra-wide capabilities, having 3,440 x 1,440 quantum dots. This also includes having a 125 percent sRGB color gamut.

The screen comes with not one, but two Thunderbolt 3 ports which will be capable of ensuring 85W worth of power through a single cable, as well as a display signal and data. The way that Samsung pitches it, we are looking at a real productivity hub which will be able to work with both MacBook Pro and Windows laptop users that really want to extend their workspace without having to hurt their eyes by looking at a flat screen.

What else is new?

If you are still curious, which we bet you are, then you should find out that this state-of-the-art monitor comes with DisplayPort, HDMI and USB 3.0 ports incorporated in its inner works. Also, you will benefit from its pair of 7W speakers which will allow you to hear stuff even if you don’t own an audio system.

So far, Samsung hasn’t decided on a price yet, although the CJ79 is now available in Europe and other countries will soon receive it as well. However, if you are looking for a worthy alternative, the CJ89 is available. It doesn’t come with Thunderbolt 3 but it is larger and comes with USB-C ports as well.

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