The Clash of Google – Inbox vs. Gmail

The Clash of Google – Inbox vs. Gmail

Google offers us 2 email applications: Inbox, which is much younger than Gmail, being on the market for a couple of years now, whereas Gmail has been around for 13 years. But why would Google give us 2 different apps for the same purpose? Let’s have a look at these 2 apps, hopefully you will finally decide which one wins the battle.

Basic Features:   

When it comes to the appearance and interface, they are basically the same doughnut with different icings. Inbox has features very similar to Gmail, so if you are a Gmail user it may seem more appealing to you. They both offer 15 GB of online storage shared with Google Drive and access using POP and IMAP ( 3rd- party service interface and the 2 factor authentication for account security).

Speaking about the icings, if you like Inbox, but still feel like you need to take this slow, Inbox allows you to switch to classic Gmail interface. Pretty much as Gmail lets you switch between basic Gmail and the standard Gmail. But the icing, I mean the interface, well, this is the true game changer. Gmail is much more simple, it aims and it shoots like an archer, no time for games.  The messages are shown according to dates, whereas Inbox is more playful and colorful, allowing you to group and sort emails by month and find the attachments placed on the lower section of the email.

Also, these apps share similar actions, although with different names. For example, Gmail has Delete, Report as Spam and Archive, while Inbox has Move to Thrash, Move to Spam and Done.


In this situation, Gmail is way behind. The ‘youngster’, as I call it,  offers AI-supported replies to contact. This minimize the time you waste to compose a message. After a while, Google have decided to change the reply section with emojis but for those who want to compose a formal email with their own words, it is still possible to do it.


By using Gmail, you have to follow certain steps in order to organize your emails. With Inbox, however, the messages are detected and automatically classified witch makes the task so much easier, and you can also select and delete them all at once.

After all this fight, we came with the conclusion that both Gmail and Inbox have great features and they are, in essence, the same. It all depends on the user’s personal preference to choose between the old and the new, thus any of you can contribute to identify the winner of this clash of two email apps.



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