The Biggest Disappointments About Apple’s iOS 12 Beta

Apple fans are getting excited as iOS 12 is getting closer to release because this means that they will receive a new set of features and software optimization which will make their iPhones and iPads run faster than ever. However, iOS 12 beta is live and people who downloaded the new operating system have something entirely different to say about it.

iOS 12 beta testers are saying that Apple’s new operating system is quite a letdown. There aren’t any innovative features as Apple promised and it’s filled with bugs. Therefore, today we are going to check out the top biggest disappointments that iOS 12 brings. Although, before we get into what’s wrong with iOS 12 we need to mention that the operating system is still in beta and everything is subjective to change.

Notification Changes

Apple and Google are in a never-ending operating system war and the department in which Google clearly has the upper hand in notifications. Android notifications sort themselves automatically and this makes it easier for users to read or dismiss them. On the other hand, iOS notifications are individual and they easily fill up the notification tray.

Apple promised to change the way it displays notifications in iOS 12, but it seems like things are not going according to plan. The new notification system is clunky and instead of stacking notifications to make them easier accessible, every notification still takes up a large part of the display.

Siri is Being Left Behind

Even though Apple was one of the first companies to introduce an AI assistant (Siri) to its smartphones, other companies started taking things to the next level. Google and Amazon believe that AI technology is the future and they put all their attention on it. Apple doesn’t want to be left behind and it announced that iOS 12 will introduce a bunch of Siri improvements such as shortcuts.

Siri shortcuts are designed to make the AI assistant even more helpful than it already is by enabling it to answer to voice command-triggered workflows such as saying “coming home” in order to prompt Siri to set the home thermostat temperature and let the family know the user is coming come.

The new feature works just fine, but it pales in comparison with what Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are offering. Siri is being left behind when it comes to innovation and Apple needs to step up its game if it wants to keep competing against Google and Amazon.

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