The Battery Life of your Device will be Improved thanks to Android Pie

The Battery Life of your Device will be Improved thanks to Android Pie

No matter what kind of Android phone you have right now if you use it for work and you need to continually use it, install apps, send email, etc. The battery of your phone should be your friend, and in order to be your friend, it needs to last for as long as you need it. For example, the small Pixel 2 is good, but users have been complaining about its battery life.

What is Pixel 2’s problem?

The small Pixel 2 is equipped with a 2,700mAh battery while the XL version comes with a 3,520 one. No matter how much you would try to find reasons, the small Pixel 2 does not last for as long as it should do and pushing fewer pixels will not fix the issue. As a constant user, you will not last with this phone for too long especially if you have it in your hand constantly. However, users would face this problem before the Android Pie was released.

How come Android Pie is so adored without being a flashy update? It fixes one of the most important things a user want from their phone.

Android Pie is still pretty similar to its predecessor, Oreo even though it came with half-baked gestures and it changed the notifications in a cool way. Even the Android Oreo looked like Nougat as well. Even though there are people who want to throw their phone out the window or swap to Apple because of Pie, it is adored by the rest of the crowd. This Android update is what changed a significant detail in every smartphone user life: the battery life is finally fixed, and it lasts longer than expected.

A battery that lasts long has been the dream of everybody. Yeah, you can purchase phones with the biggest battery but why do that when you can make it last longer without making a hole in your pocket? There are a lot of support forums online that can teach you how to make your phone’s battery last longer without needing to carry a 10 inches phone with a 7,000mAh battery…not that it exists.

Android Pie came in to turn that situation around. In order to make the battery last longer, Google is using its scary and powerful tool: the Artificial Intelligence. Google might call it Adaptive Battery, but you will surely name it “it’s finally better”. Now, with this awaited and very necessary update, the Pixel 2 we previously talked about in the second paragraph of the article will last you even three days of constant usage. If you do not believe us, go on Reddit and learn from yourself that other users get even a better experience on their phones thanks to the Android Pie update. Is not that amazing?

The Adaptive Battery option that Android Pie comes with doubles Pixel 2’s battery life and users could not be happier

It was probably a little scepticism at the beginning when Android smartphone users heard that Google is working on a machine that can learn how you use your phone in order to predict your steps and get better battery life, and if you do not have great signal, the battery life of your phone might still suck. We can not expect this tech to be perfect, but at least it is better than expected and it gives us some advantages. Even though Android updates come with both good and bad, any disadvantage Android Pie might have, the Adaptive Battery hides them all.

The problems caused by Android Pie

As we said, it can’t all be milk and honey. Some people’s phone started burning or crushed after updating their Pixel devices to the Android Pie. Along with every Android update there come these complaints and Pie is no exception. It is still unknown why this update is the best for some and the worst for others, but we can hope Google will fix the issues without taking are longer battery life back.

While waiting for the Android Q that is still in progress and we know no information about it, you can enjoy that extended battery like for as long as you can.

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